This Is Why We Call It the Borg, And Why You Can Still Find Your Voice

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  • AllTimeJeff

    One voice can be stronger than a thousand voices

    Your mind is independent now

    With its own unique identity

    Sometimes, we get a chance to get back what was stolen from us

    If you don't mind a little Star Trek to illustrate the point, I hope you will enjoy one of the most meaningful scenes I have ever seen

  • zeb

    poignant indeed.

  • schnell

    I miss Geri Ryan.

  • tepidpoultry

    I have an opinion about world events now


    Still feels weird expressing it

    But I do

    I need the practice


  • schnell

    @tepidpoultry, it feels better to be honest. That neutrality business was driving me nuts.

  • scratchme1010

    Still feels weird expressing it

    As awkward as it may feel, keep doing it.

  • smiddy

    Thanks Jeff

    ,if only it was that easy to wake JW`s up out of their captivity .

  • OnTheWayOut

    Any newbies, BORG originally meant "Brooklyn ORGanization" and was used because it fit so well in that Jehovah's Witnesses assimilate people and say that you can never leave, and leaving is so traumatic.

    I don't hear the reference so much anymore. So many younger ex-JW's are online that might not have really seen Star Trek episodes with the Borg. And I don't know if we will keep the reference so strongly with Watchtower leaving Brooklyn. It still fits so well, otherwise.

    I have found so many excellent "Star Trek" references for various stages of my road out of the BORG. This one will be added to my mental library.

  • Landy
  • HBH

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