Observations from an Ex-Elder Part 2 - Cart Work

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  • antes8080

    Cart witnessing and letter writing have become the new thing for pioneering. Both are a waste of time and zero production. With a zero percent growth in the United States this year I don't get how publishers still think angels guide this waste of time work.

  • James Jack
    James Jack

    We set one up at the local Flea Market on Saturdays, for about 4 hours. I have done it 3 times, with thousands of people passing by and no one taking a publication. The only literature placed on one day was by an old Pioneer Sister would walk up to kids and show them the New Earth Brochure and speak Child Talk to them, and parents would smile and let the children take the brochure.

  • Chook

    Ask the attendant of the cart is it modelled after the first century carts, Also ask how many hours did first century Christians have to do preaching to qualify as a MS. Also ask could they imagine Jesus standing beside a cart not approaching people with the eternal hope. Also ask why Jesus not once mentioned the name Jehovah.

  • minimus

    This most recent governing body seems to be the stupidest of all

  • pale.emperor

    This was taken today in Liverpool England.

  • kpop

    I'm not an elder but when I was still going out in service to show my face, I know that everybody loved the carts because as they said, "all you have to do is stand there and don't need to say anything." Yeah, because nobody gives a crap about the crap we have to offer. It was very funny to stand there with brothers and sisters who are literally praying for nobody to come over and talk to them.

  • Ding

    What does the GB get out of all this wasted time?

    A statistic for the Yearbook?

    Just keeping a bunch of JWs busy?

    Getting the website logo greater visibility?

    Do they really believe it accomplishes any life-saving work?

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    as the public see the carts-----

    Image result for the end is nigh

  • keinlezard


    My Though is ... cart witnessing was another manner to decrease the print materials ... after the decrease from

    2 watchtower and 2 awake by month ... WTBS did only 1 of each by month ... then to avoid that jw think

    "hum it's strange we did not have nothing to give during preaching" the GB print 16 pages awake and Watchtower , and only 8 millions of study version of 32 pages ...

    Now to decrease again without tells it to jw ... GB say ... "Cart Witnessing" ... and jw are preaching .. but less publications are printed :)

    And Jw are always busy ... and don't think about it :(

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    i would have hated to do cart witnessing. i did pioneer in my teens--but mostly it meant traipsing round housing estates when most houses were not homes---or the person slammed the door in my face.

    but imagine cart witnessing!--no hiding place..and being picked on by any religious nutter with their own agenda.

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