Mom was a bag lady, and her son . . .

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  • compound complex
    compound complex

    is a bag man.

    I take bags with me everywhere: paper and canvas shopping bags, designer sacs, wine-tote bags, and so forth. There is so much to transport, drop off, and new stuff to bring to my digs. An assortment awaits me in the foyer as I head out to do some long-postponed and needed acquisition.

    I found "Mom's" Westclox kitchen clock, circa 1940, at a friend's shop and am making the final payment today. Then, on my wall as a reminder that time mattered to me from early on. And how will it get home? In an at-the-ready canvas bag!

    Did you "inherit" good, bad, and ugly habits and traits from Mom and Pop?


    Cool old clock CoCo.


    I always get new bags where ever I shop, plastic.

    At home, I have bags of plastic bags which I eventually throw out.

    I`m single handly destroying parts of the planet, Kim Jong Un doesn`t eat..

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  • Iown Mylife
    Iown Mylife

    I love old clocks too! Changing from est to dst takes about half an hour here, LOL!

    Re-using bags is important to me but the store clerks don't make it easy. They roll their eyes and glance at the line waiting behind me, like I'm making people wait longer. Because it does slow them down, putting items in bags that are not on their little upright stands. Nowadays I schedule grocery shopping for the least busy store times.

    But how do they cope in California, where plastic bags have been eliminated?

    Maybe boxes would be better to take instead of bags. Or crates.

    In Cuba my folks have no bags. They take a square of cloth to wrap some rice in, to bring home. If there is any rice to buy.

    Oh i'm just thinking out loud. Or out-write, ha

  • stillin

    I'm not sure where my wife gets it, but empty containers is her thing. Jars, bags, boxes, Tupperware, you name it, if it's empty, she will hold onto it. Nature abhors a vacuum, so she fills it with empty things.

  • eva luna
    eva luna

    Sweet clock there CoCo.

    Dad, we think in analog, no digital clocks.

    a love of fine instruments of writing

    sharp knives.

    pocket and chef.

    I love the sound of a knife being sharpened.

    hi-fi head

    Got the bag thing too from my mom

  • cha ching
    cha ching

    My sister read this, and had to make me tell this joke:

    If the mom was a bag lady.........

    What was her son?.....


    A 'bag-ette'

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Thanks, OUTLAW, Iown Mylife, stillin, Eva Luna, and cha ching for cool and funny comments.

    Today, at Grocery Outlet, I bought a lot of discounted food items, which, in some cases, cost double at my little local super. Name brands.

    My bags didn't seem to hold up the line. Correct, no more plastic (unless you bring your own). Yeah -- California. The bag lady -- really -- offered me paper bags till she said, "Oh, you brought yours!" I like to double bag some things (reason is obvious).

    BTW, my cupboard has too many empty cans and bottles and food containers. I put the blame squarely on MOM! It's almost too much (but not quite).

    I appreciate your sharing stuff from way back! Quirks begin early on -- AND STAY!

    Mr. Bag-ette!

  • nonjwspouse

    empty bottles and containers, I make my own "convenience foods"- prepare pancake mix, etc., put in a reused jar, soup mix, create my own trail mix from loose bins or bags of this or that and store in the containers, buy basmati rice in bulk then separate into individual big mouth plastic nut containers,and stack in the fridge for long term storage, and much much much cheaper.

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    EXCELLENT points, and roundly supported, nonjwspouse!


  • stuckinarut2

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