love of money

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  • Chook

    A letter needs to be written to head office with the statements of your wishes to leave a vast estate to the WT org but you need a written response on how they haven't fallen for the trap of being a lover of money. They will respond if they think the honey pot is full , but reply by stating that you can't leave your wealth due to their track record of no charitable donations toward the general community a large . Lead them, string them , then chop them. It's the same pattern that they use with converts.

  • Finkelstein

    The Watchtower Corporation was always a business with a structured religion toward supporting the publishing company, a supposedly endeavor toward preaching the " True " Gospel, according to the men running the WTS.

    Its a commercial fraud with the doctrines (1914) which were also fraudulently devised according to the bible.

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