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    OZGIRL- Welcome to the board. Nice to have you here. Lots of us are busy as well with work, etc. Drop in whenever you feel like it. Lots of cool people here who are very supportive. Take care, Peace out, Mr. Flipper
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    Welcome!  Hopefully this forum will be as much of a help to you as it has been (and continues to be) for me.  I second the encouragement to share some (as much as you're comfortable with) of your story.  For me, just writing out all the things I'm not allowed to say out loud is helpful, and you never know who your story might help.  It's always good to know we're not alone.

    Stay a while, and chime in.  The forum benefits from a variety of viewpoints.

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    Welcome OZGIRL. I too have not much time to post but read everyday.
  • SAHS

    Welcome to the board, “OzGirl”! In this “time of the end,” people are always flocking to the Mountain of the House of Jehovahs-Witness.com!

    The financial/legal aspects of the WT organization are just the tip of the iceberg (or the pyramid, if you like). The more you take a peek at the whole underlying premise of the WT “religion,” the more painfully obvious it becomes that it is all based upon men’s quirky little end-of-the-world ideas that don’t even make sense let alone stand up to any genuine scrutiny. So, one wouldn’t expect that its financial and legal structures would be any more transparent and accountable.

    As far as the money goes, there doesn’t seem to be any one single account or entity holding it, but, rather, there are so many sub-corporations (like little tenticles), investment entities, and various hedge funds that it would probably make Donald Trump’s head spin!

    Legally, the show must be run by their lawyers, whose sphere of leadership takes on a life if its own. (After all, somebody has to steer the ship around obvious rocky obstacles in the real world.) The actual governing body, however, is just a figurehead. They can (and certainly do) spout out as much nonesense as they wish and there is no real accountability, because they can just claim “ecclesiastical privilege.” (You know, the separate church-and-state thing.) But the lawyers and in-house business think tanks are obviously busy seeking more ways to diversify their self-serving business model. (Did I mention it’s a “pyramid” scheme? Get it – pyramid? Russell’s gravestone?)

    So, some professional (i.e., approved “higher education” recipients) folks have to be navigating the seas of free market enterprise and structuring things so as to reap the best return on investment (i.e., fat dividends right up to the top), like any other ambitious lucrative enterprise. But as for the little “glory team” of the governing body, they’re just along for the ride in the “popemobile” – more like those funny Shriners clowns driving those comical tiny go carts around in circles. In Brooklyn, and soon Warwick, the circus is always in town!

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    Are in Australia...or is it Ozgirl as in "wizard of"? 

  • karter

    Welcome.     Karter  also from downunder.

  • cha ching
    cha ching

    Hi Ozgirl!  Welcome, and please, if you have any insights into their business/ legal aspects, or have any interesting things we may not know about, but need to think about...  pllllleeeeeaaassseee share them...  

    Thx... ChaChing

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    Welcome Ozzie girl :D
  • DJS

    Welcome OzGirl (my favorite movie ever),

    Are you Dorothy? Glinda (my first crush)? Elvira Gulch (da da da da dahhhh da, da da da da da)?, The Wicked Witch of the East (can't be, that's my ex wife), The Wicked Witch of the West (can't be, that's my ex-GF)? Auntie Em? Auntie Em? Auntie Em?

    Seriously, welcome to the forum.

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