The future of young Witnesses

by john.prestor 11 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

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  • DesirousOfChange

    In our area, I'd say that the 2/3 number is correct for young persons leaving the Borg. Still, some young people are staying, "reaching out", and will be "captives" just as are their parents and grandparents. Some will indeed remain JWs just as most kids raised Catholic remain Catholics, etc.

    The difference is that, IMO, many of those JW kids who remain "in" are only "Physically In". Not necessarily PIMO like we mean when we are fading or faking it, but they are "in" for the social network of friends and benefits. Most really are not "believers", because they do not even know what that is! They have no real understanding of WT Doctrine. They are just "along for the ride". Meetings are a matter of habit. No one studies. Period. Let alone does anyone do any kind of "deep study". They just go through the motions. After the hour or two hours at the meeting, it's off to get pizza and beer and plan for the weekend with their friends.

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