Jeb Bush would kill a baby !

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  • Simon

    OK, specifically he was talking about Hitler. Apparently he was asked whether, if he could go back in time, he would kill him when he was a baby.

    And he said "Hell yeah !"

    But still WTF? You'd kill a baby Jeb?

    Really, a presidential candidate and that is the best answer he could come up with?

    For starters, Hitler was an evil SOB for sure but I'm not sure he was when he was a baby. A more compassionate solution would surely be to protect the baby from the influences that would later turn him into what he became. Does he really advocate killing babies based on their potential to do wrong in future?

    Secondly, WWII was more than just Hitler. It wasn't some wonder baby that turned the German people onto that path. Although he undoubtedly played a major role, there is no guarantee that it would not have happened anyway in one form or another with a different leader at the helm.

    A more informed and thoughtful president might understand and use the opportunity to warn people of the crippling economic sanctions imposed on Germany that were the breeding ground for the subsequent uprising and hatred.

    I thought Jeb was supposed to be the intelligent Bush but apparently not. He has the same over-simplistic view of the world as his brother which is very scary.

    "I'd kill a baby" .. yup, you're definitely fixing you campaign Jeb !

  • prologos
    killing babies seems to be a favoured passe - time of some in power. Solomon was ready to do it, greatly increasing the fear he instilled in his subjects. The angel at passover time certainly showed his power that way. and then the camps, the cities. not just Sodom either.
  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog

    Sooo . . . we approach someone in a public situation, ask him a juvenile, trick question with no real world application, catch the first casual answer that comes out, and then freeze the person in the moment. Sounds reasonable. I'm not defending him, (because I have no political stake either way), but . . . just sayin'.

  • kaik
    Jeb Bush only shows his lack of education on European political affairs. While A.H was the master mind behind WWII, National Socialism, and Holocaust; Fascism did not originated with Germany. Actually Horty's Hungary was fascist country since 1919 followed by Italy. If A.H would stay as a painter, the world would be a better place, but there is no guarantee that WWII would be avoided. Stalin and communists is a much responsible for WWII as Germany.
  • Simon
    So we approach someone in a public situation, ask him a juvenile, trick question with no real world application, catch the first casual answer that comes out, and then freeze the person in the moment

    He should have the sense to say "that's a silly question" then ... no?

    Isn't the primary process designed to test someone's suitability to be president? To show good judgement?

    He just seems to be coming up short every time.

  • glenster
  • pixel

    Stupid question. Come back to me when you can hop on a time machine. Then we can talk about killing stupid baby Hitler.

    We might as well get baby Russell for that matter. :-)

  • Saintbertholdt

    The best answer for any politician when posed a hypothetical:

    The following should be read in Henry Kissingers voice:

    I never answer hypothetical questions because any answer could be easily misconstrued.

    Lets rather look at what actually transpired.

    If the interviewer insists with: "Yes but what if..."

    Well what if the moon was made of cheese? Or what if Hitler never existed?

    Wonderful questions which have no bearing on current facts.

    Could you please limit yourself to questions of a realistic nature?

    Would you like discuss the second world war and its impact on US economics and foreign policy?

    Image result for Henry kissinger

  • Saved_JW
    lol, How is this different then our current president who endorses and promotes the killing of babies via Planned Parenthood.
  • TheListener
    Stupid question; Jeb should have said so. Or maybe he should have said "you yourself have said it"

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