Standing for the National Anthem?

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  • darkspilver

    I think the WT's views have become more fudged over time - particularly as we've become more multi-cultural with a mix of nationalities living and working together - much like DoC states

    DesirousOfChange - Personally, I now always stand -- out of respect -- just as every person of every nation does t the Olympics for the National Anthem of other countries. Clearly they are NOT showing any loyalty to other nations. Nor or they "praying" in behalf of other nations. They are merely showing respect.

    But prologos probably best sums up WT's general view very succinctly

    prologos - The idea was that give honour to the one demanding honour. you always stayed a notch below the crowd, you can stand, but not raise your arm to Heil, or cover your heart, or sing.

    The real problem though - and therefore the real fudge - is highlighted by stuckinarut2

    stuckinarut2 - Do they not know of the countries in south America where NATIONAL FLAGS ARE FLOWN on the KINGDOM HALLS each year????

    Now check out the official WT Correspondence Guidelines: Flag Salute and Anthems

    Link to scans

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Ten years ago when I was still in, me and my JW mates went to New York.

    We watched baseball at Yankee Stadium. We stood respectfully but silently when the national anthem played at the start of the game.

  • Lostandfound


    you entioned going to Yankee stadium in NY, heard years ago that NH Knorr had a season ticket or whatever they calling, to see yankees, wonder if HE stood?

  • steve2

    As a kid I was told by my parents to stay seated during the National Anthem. There was no room for conscience. The trouble I got into as a result ! This policy affected us adversely and now we hear it's a conscience matter.

  • blondie

    I just arranged to be standing getting beverages or on the way to the restroom. For the pledge of allegiance the WTS says you can sit or stand by not put your hand over your heart or repeat the words.

    I was once caught off guard at a concert and was sitting and remained so, 2 drunk guys behind me started making rude remarks until my non-jw uncle stood up (had his vet hat on) and asked what war they had served in! wow.........the 2 guys moved to other seats.

  • respectful_observer

    Growing up in the U.S. I was always taught to stand respectfully for the flag salute, but to remain seated for the National Anthem. The "rule" was always do one less step than what would be considered "participation". Since most people simply stand for the National Anthem (vs. singing), standing would be viewed as participation.

    I recently postulated to a group of JWs whether that would change, as recently some prominent sports stars have refused to stand for the National Anthem to show solidarity with the "Black Lives Matter" movement. Suddenly sitting for the National Anthem is seen as a political statement instead of simple non-participation.

  • Nevuela

    Um, what country is this? I live in the United States and have seen several movies in the theater recently (including 2 just last weekend) and I have never once in my entire life even heard of the national anthem being played at a theater, much less been obligated by law to stand for it. I've only ever heard the anthem sung at my county fair before the start of a concert, and nobody is required to stand. Sitting may be looked down upon by some, but it sure as hell isn't illegal by any means.

  • darkspilver

    Hi Nevuela

    Um, what country is this?

    Huh? Not everybody on this forum lives in the US. I don't think you've been keeping up with the news have you? do you read a newspaper? or just the W & A?

    As it seems like a question that has kinda just arisen for the OP, it sounds like India....

  • pale.emperor

    I've never sang the national anthem of this country (England) but mostly because God Save The Queen is a song about the Queen, not England.

    I work in immigration and there are foreign brothers who have become UK citizens... in this country you CANNOT get citizenship without swearing allegiance to the queen (or country) AND singing the national anthem at the citizenship ceremony. So obviously those brothers put their beliefs aside for day in order to get a UK passport.

    On a side note I sang the German national anthem with a tear in my eye last time I was in Munich. Proud of my German ancestry. But that's just me.

  • blondie

    pe, you realize that the German national anthem of today is not the one of Nazi yesteryear............

    During WW2, the movie theaters played newsreels, the only source of news about the war for citizens besides radio and newspapers, all highly censored. They played the anthem then....I guess they thought the hidden Nazis and communists would not stand or sing....wrong. Per my teenager mother.

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