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  • jehovaxx

    The difference is now blatantly obvious, older ones who went against direction of the GB and planned for retirement have relatively more comfortable lives.

    Those who trusted and followed GB direction never got further education or training, pioneered or spent most of their lives knocking on doors for free, making just enough to get by in a part time job.

    If you followed direction from the GB then you thought the end was just around the corner so no need to plan for retirement.

    Now these ones have indeed got old which they were given the impression they never would. They are a burden on others. The state has to pay for them in their old age. Hardworking responsible people who did the opposite of what the GB said now pay for those that trusted the GB, from taxpayers money from Satans world.

    The Watchtower on Sunday said for those who thought the end would have come already “a thousand years is like a day to Jehovaxx” he is showing great patience look at all the new people come into the truth because he is being patient.

    This makes me angry, you could say the same thing in hundreds of years time. But look at all the elderly left out to dry because they never planned for retirement and worked for free all those decades?

  • LongHairGal


    Good post which I mostly agree with.

    However, you say that: “Hardworking responsible people who did the opposite of what the GB said now pay for those that trusted the GB…”

    Nope. I’m Glad I’m not in the religion anymore because it would certainly NOT be me who gives these people anything. I’m the one who got criticized/shunned for working!! I had to listen to remarks saying I was ‘unspiritual’. I’d be starving if I listened to the religion.

    Brothers with businesses are going to have to help these people out in some way.

    There are TOO many needy Witnesses who never worked. It’s absurd to imagine that the few responsible people left in the religion are going to give them handouts for the rest of their lives. This is unsustainable and if this is the ‘new normal’ in the JW religion I’m super Glad I’m long out of there!!!

  • Phizzy

    LHG, I am glad I am long out of the org. too, but you and I DO pay for the poor deluded J.W's who followed the G.B's nonsense, we pay through our taxes.

    I had to endure criticism for starting a Private pension, was told my faith was weak, because "you will never draw it you know", well my timing showed I didn't swallow the bullshit, as Satan's World was supposed to end in October 1975, I started my private pension in August '75 ! oohh ! how weak my faith was

    I have been drawing on it for a few years now, and really would struggle on the paltry State Pension alone, but because of that income, I pay a few hundred £££ Tax each year, which the J.W's who didn't do as I did benefit from.

    It amused me that about 15 years or so after '75, all of the "older" J.W's, who were looking at only a few years before retirement, started obsessing about Pensions !

  • TonusOH

    LHG: I’m the one who got criticized/shunned for working!!

    I bet this happens to a lot of JWs, and I think they do the same thing you did- recognize the hypocrisy of it and walk away. Spending years being pressured to be a 'good JW' by living as if there was no tomorrow, then you retire with a pittance and the GB asks for more money from their comfortable HQ. The same organization that judged you for planning now wants the money you don't have because they wouldn't let you plan.

    The same place that has money for lawyers and for giving legal guidance to elders and congregations, but doesn't have any arrangements for helping the needy within their own organization. If you are needy, they point to the example of the old woman who dropped her last two coins in a contribution box at the temple, and was praised by Jesus. So if you have almost nothing, the WTS guidance is... give it to us!

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    In dubland,,,retirement has a way of catching up to you and unprepared.

    You're NOT taught that.

    Its always urgent,,urgent..

    I just sounded like "Foreigner" saying that .

  • DesirousOfChange
    But look at all the elderly left out to dry because they never planned for retirement and worked for free all those decades?

    Left out to dry? Not true here. Jehovah provides. I mean, the worldly government provides. Those you speak of get a pension at 62 or 66 years of age. If it means they qualify as "low income" then the State also gives them free medical care, free food stamps/vouchers, subsidized low cost housing, and utility assistance. If you wisely saved to have a "comfortable" retirement, you have to pay for all of that out of your retirement income &/or any savings that you accumulated. And, as mentioned........ you also have to pay taxes to provide for those that did not plan for their own retirement.

    Of course, those JWs give all the credit to Jehovah. He provides for them, just as he does the birds.

  • LongHairGal


    Even those of us who planned for retirement still have to watch our pennies!!

    I’m sorry I didn’t do even better for myself! So in that regard, I was also a victim of stupid talk that Armageddon was coming... I should have literally knocked myself out to save MORE.

    But, at the risk of sounding like a broken record, I will say again that I will Not tolerate being targeted to give money to Witnesses who didn’t work/plan for the future.. What others tolerate is their business.

    I couldn’t even be around a group of JWs now because they’d be asking for money. They would be trying to guilt trip with sob stories and I would end up having to tell somebody off. Not pleasant.

    Nah, this is No good that anybody even believes the fallout from years of faulty teachings of No college/No careers falls on the few responsible rank & file left in the religion - which is why I’m Glad I’m not there being subjected to panhandling. This is a fallacy that needs to stop and no ex-JWs especially should be believing this!

  • truthlover123

    When 1975 came and went, that is when we starting looking for a full time, pensioned company to work for. We found them but so many suffered after that time. But we started with the buy in of company shares, pension account, etc. got a little smarter. SInce then, no complaints just comfortable, no wasting of monies since then.

  • Lynnie

    It really helps to inherit money from a non witness father like my cousin did. He's quite the snob about it. And his wife who definitely married "up" is very much enjoying the money. It's so much easier to be a rich witness than a poor one. Seattle has lots of rich jws.

  • HappyDad

    Sure glad I never listened to them to quit my job and take on something lesser to knock on doors more often. Here I am at age 76 with a decent pension and Social Security after spending 30 years in a steel mill. Been on pension since 2003 at age 56. Even after that, I worked part time jobs until I was 71. Am I comfortable? I sure as hell am.

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