Young "Elders"

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    Ever since the annual meeting last October and the letter to Bodies of Elders stating that "exceptional young men perhaps in their early 20's could qualify for appointment as elders.." It even states this in the updated elders manual!

    Have any of you PIMO's, PIMQ's, or those on here with family/friends still in hear of any young men being appointed as elders yet? I am talking 21, 22, 23, 24 etc.

  • WTWizard

    And I suppose they have to be fully vaccinated against the wimpiest "disease" on the planet, and stay boosted every 6 months to the day to qualify. (Not to worry, soon that will be required to avoid getting disfellowshipped.) I, for one, will not be getting my cancer shots--the Amazon "shot" works just fine for me.

  • ExBethelitenowPIMA

    PIMQ, is the Q standing for questioning?

    I guess that’s very similar to PIMA mentally agnostic?

    but it sounds like PIMQ is an early stage before you end up like me PIMA.

    and to answer your questions no I’ve not heard of anyone in their early 20s becoming elders yet.

    I wonder how they would cope with all the emotional problems in the congregations these days? It really does take a toll trying to keep up with shepherding.


    I would like to think that the older in age elders on that body with a "kid elder" wont send him off to offer advice and counsel to older, mature people but you just never know.

    Most elders are in no way qualified as therapists or conselors anyway, so throw a kid into that situation and they are just asking for trouble. This could really backfire on, curious to see what happens as these children start getting appointed to "Shepherd the Flock of God" lol

  • FFGhost

    LOL ^ 100

    It really shouldn’t be surprising that the gang whose members…

    — have never had children * but write millions of words of “counsel” on how to raise children

    — have never paid a bill (or missed a meal) in their life but write millions of words about “Jehovah will (somehow) provide”

    — feel that women are not qualified to so much as carry a microphone (let alone teach a male) but write millions of words on how “Jehovah dignifies women”

    ….somehow also think that a kid just barely old enough to drive, who may not even need to shave more than twice a week, is “qualified” to give potentially life altering guidance to people old enough to be his great grandparents?

    As I am wont to say…


    * well, they did have one GB member who sired offspring, but of course they unceremoniously fired him a couple of months ago

  • no-zombie

    While there seems to be another push, due to the dying off of a large part of the collective BOE, young Elders have always been a thing.

    Normally these guys a religious zealots, who are KS book robots, and a real pain the ass to us older Elders. I've seen them in the past, giving us lectures and dropping 'hints' on how we could put the Kingdom more fully in our lives by Pioneering like them and how much we fail at child rearing. Yeh ... until they had children of their own and have to hold down full time jobs to make things work. They quietened down quite a bit, after that.


    I guess it would depend on what area of the world you are in but early 20's elders have not been a thing since the 40's-60'sish here in the US. So there is definitely a push for it now more than ever. From what a friend of mine told me, many of the current older elders are still hesitant about it but CO's seem to pushing for training of younger ones. The GB wants this to happen.

  • Journeyman
    From what a friend of mine told me, many of the current older elders are still hesitant about it but CO's seem to pushing for training of younger ones. The GB wants this to happen.

    It's a strange choice. I can understand wanting a generation younger than 70s-80s to replace the ageing elder bodies, but trying to appoint a lot of "elders" from age groups as young as 20s (or even early 30s) to take the lead is a big risk. Not only do they not have much life experience and are more likely to lack spiritual (or any kind of) maturity, but they are also much more likely to be susceptible to slipping into 'wordly' ways, as they have grown up surrounded by modern attitudes to politics, higher education, religious criticism, gender and sexuality, entertainment, etc.

    Look at the current thread on here about Nicolas King, for example. Supposedly "exemplary" younger men who are still finding out who they are and exploring the world are more likely to stray from the path the GB would want than are older, more settled ones who tend to be vested in staying with the congregation especially if they have a wife, kids, etc. So if the current bodies of elders do cave in and start appointing a lot more very young men it could come back to bite the org in many ways, not just in alienating the more aged members of the congregations.

    But then, as some have said here before, the GB tend to be their own worst enemies, and shoot themselves in the foot a lot.

  • dozy

    I was reading on anothet forum about a 22 year old being appointed as an elder. It does seem a bit ridiculous.

  • enoughisenough

    just thinking about how "pumped up with pride" they will be and also their JW parents. Can you imagine a 20 year old lording it over his grandmother?

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