In the bunker

by Lost in the fog 23 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • minimus

    WOW, I just looked at the video. THIS SCREAMS CULT!!!

  • Vidiot

    Yeah, that Heaven's Gate guy only wishes he coulda made stuff like this. :smirk:

  • redvip2000
    Oh yeah, I remember the Gospel now. Holy Mary and (step) daddy Joe fled to Egypt with their baby Jesus, to escape from the murderous king. So much of Angelic Protection for Jah's only begotten son ?

    Never thought of this before, but yes, that's true, how incredibly stupid. It's amazing how once you begin to step back and look at these biblical stories, God chooses the worse possible option to do something. Even when it could be incredible simple for God to do things with little hassle to mankind, he choose a method that brings destruction, stress or pain to humans.

  • Vidiot
    " much for Angelic Protection for Jah's only-begotten son..."

    Doesn't the tip-off count? :smirk:

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