Have you ever "partaken" at the memorial

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  • Ding

    Imagine getting invited over to a friend's house for supper and then being told that you aren't allow to eat or drink anything that's on the table.

    Not only that, but your friends don't eat or drink either.

    The only people that find not partaking normal are Jehovah's Witnesses.

    Then they wonder why people think they're a cult.

  • sparrowdown

    I find it amusing that some people are still so scawed of JWs that the very thought of hypothetically "partaking" of bread and wine you are offered personally at a public meeting is enough to cause them to gasp, "clutch their pearls" and shit their pants in horror and outrage.

    Nobody partook anything yet they're just "thinking bout it"! Palm meet face.

  • jwundubbed


    I don't know. Their history has been that they don't pay attention to stuff like that. I went to a different convention than my own and got baptized without permission. No said a word. They assumed that people sitting in the baptismal section were supposed to be there. And when I told my elders, they announced it from the platform making it all kosher.

    I would guess that if we looked and sounded like JWs, if we had our story straight and just behaved like we were doing what we needed to be doing... then I tend to think they wouldn't catch on and would count the extra numbers. Well, they might count the men anyway, if they weren't obviously crazy.

  • geevee

    My wife read an Alister Crowley book. He talks about black magic etc and the understanding was that it is a Satanic ritual..The refusal to partake of the blood and body of Christ!!!

    So anyone who refuses the "emblems" is actually a Satanist! According to Crowley.....

  • Searril

    The problem I have ...among a ton of others, is that I can't find any scripture that says ONLY 144,000 are supposed to partake.

    If it's NOT in the bible and people pass on the emblems, are they symbolicly rejecting Jesus sacrifice?


  • punkofnice
    Nikl - Trying to decide if I should or shouldn't.

    It won't make any difference either way. The GB have declared that 'annointed™' no longer carry any weight. they'll simply think your a nutter.

    My advice. Don't attend. Never go back to a meeting™ ever and live a life free of these decisions.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Geevee, listen to the language of a ritual sacrificial death of a man followed by eating his flesh and drinking his blood..............This, like much of Biblical folklore harkens back to Stone Age tribal purification and communion rites.

    The Bible is almost completely based on pagan and astrological precedents.

    Cleverly the Roman church happily sanctified as much pagan belief as it could to adopt as many pagan believers as possible and take them under its catholic umbrella in the third and fourth centuries. Later, having absorbed pagan folklore, it banned and destroyed all non Roman Catholic texts and forbade all non Roman Catholic ritual condemning it as pagan in the fifth century.

    Et voila, Christianity!

  • sparrowdown

    It's probably moot anyway! I 'm pretty sure the elders don't have to count anyone if they have doubts about their annoint...ancy?

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