Where else can I go???

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  • WTWizard

    I remember once, when going into the cancer, that they insisted that, if I realized my belief system was faulty and I was practicing evil, I needed to stop and instead practice washtowel doctrine. So what if I now realize that washtowel doctrine, indeed the whole LIE-ble, is even worse evil? So they ban witchcraft upon entering the washtowel--I find out that the LIE-ble is in fact witchcraft intended to enslave the whole human race under the worst condition, and destroy them at all levels of existence? Should I not abandon this abomination even more readily than I abandoned what they thought of as evil?

    Objectively, which is more evil, stringing up a few sun-worship lights and blatantly worshiping the sun (which does give life to our planet), or working toward enslaving and damning the whole human race and ultimately all intelligent life in the universe?

  • LongHairGal

    TOES UP:

    Yeah, aging with no savings, etc. but hopefully their "spiritual" friends will help them out. Nobody there was ever going to help me and the sobering realization kept me from listening to JW foolish talk - I held onto my job and planned for retirement.

    You are so right that the Witness religion is nothing more than a social club. But, it's a TOXIC social club and I'm glad I got myself out of it.

  • Chook

    They will never end the door to door work , they can't end no blood because to many died for this religious ruling, disfellowshipping is a total control thing and any ruling class never gives up control

  • tepidpoultry

    Where else can I go? Reality, The world of education, home ownership, life insurance to protect your loved ones and yes, old age and death, and you know what, you don't have anything better, and if you feel that delusion is better, well you run with that,

  • smiddy


    I wanted to email back and say 'whom!!! not where!' but I didn't. What's the point? You can't get through to them.

    Dont let an opportunity like that pass you by .You have nothing to lose and you just may get someone to think.

    Simply point out they claim to be Bible students ,so how is it they miss such an obvious distinction of "whom shall we go to" as opposed to "where shall we go to " which gives a totally different meaning.

    The Bible says "Who" ,jehovahs Witnesses says" where"they are being deceptive in saying that.

    In other words Jesus was saying you could go to any religion that recognises Jesus as Lord and Christ,the name that is above every other name in heaven on earth or under the earth {including Jehovahs name} Phil: 2:10,11

  • pale.emperor

    This is why im so grateful i left at 31yo (3rd generation born in). If i were 60+ and realized it was all a lie i'd be very depressed and bitter inside. No way to leave because my kid would be 30+ by then and i'd hate myself for raising her in it.

    Where else could you go? A library would be a good start. JWFacts, this site, but most importantly involving oneself in classes, groups and hobbies to force yourself to meet people.

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