Serana Williams coginative dissonance.

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  • blownaway

    I just heard her on the news saying how much time it takes for her to play tennis. LMFAO She thanks "Jehovah" and seems to think in her pea mind that she is a "good JW" I bet the GB does not mess with her because they want the positive attention. But she is about as far from a "good JW" as one could get. Pregnant out of wed lock, putting time not a small amount but a heck of a lot of time into sports, chasing more money when she is set for life and the list goes on. Scientology does it for their celebrities. This fucked up cult needs to just be destroyed. I would vote for putting them all in prison. I am not as tolerant as many.

  • dropoffyourkeylee

    I don’t think she was ever baptized, so there’s not much they can do.

  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    Just like MJ and Prince, they want to make JW life seem 'normal' both internal and external. It's similar to Tom Cruise and the Scientologists - they're spokespersons often with an internal benefit or even legal contracts.

  • blownaway

    DOYKF, not true, If I would have done this as an unbaptized JW but associated I would have been marked and treated like a DFed one.

  • Finkelstein

    She thanks "Jehovah"

    Another idiot who thanks god for their success in sports.

    Its wasn't anything to do with her genetics and body stature and the years of practice that made her successful in professional tennis. naaaa .... thanks being to rational and logical

  • steve2

    So Jehovah allows his people elsewhere on the globe to suffer and struggle but blesses Serena with success in her sport. This self-absorbed woman is proof that sporting talent does not necessarily require an adult-thinking brain. In talking about her, someone said, “Pea brain”. I wouldn’t dare disagree.


    steve2 - Agree with you !

    However they wouldn't dare say something that could be controversial/ press-worthy / Apostate-Army worthy or litigious for fear of tarnishing their "pure untarnished reputation" and having to field that press onslaught etc

    But Lawd almighty you and I step out of line and we are 'exterminated' -

    Also Ms Williams has got .............$$$$$$ and WT laps at $$$$ like a nympho on a BJ !

  • Hisclarkness

    How many times will this Serena Williams/JW thing be rehashed?? Guys, she’s not baptized and in all likelihood is not in any active association with JWs.

    Come on guys, we ALL know people who have had some exposure to JWs and then claim themselves to be witnesses even though we all know they’re really not. This is not a situation of WT turning a blind eye because she has money! This is a situation of someone who went to meetings growing up and claims the JW title, but otherwise lives her own life. What do you expect WT to do?!?

    If John Smith claims he’s a witness and starts telling everybody that, even though he’s not baptized or even associated, then there’s nothing WT can really do!

  • GermanXJW
    Just like MJ and Prince, they want to make JW life seem 'normal' both internal and external.

    I am not sure if MJ and Prince were the best examples of a 'normal' life.

  • carla

    As a non/never been a jw I can tell you that to the outside world it does NOT matter if one is baptized or not. If you verbally associate, go to a kh, carry around jw literature and leave it in the lunch room, say jehovah this jehovah that... etc... people will think you are a jw. It is only to jw's that they define a 'true' jw as one who is baptized and in good standing. (yeah, I know I'm alone on this one.....)

    Think of it this way; Sue goes to X denomination church every week, brings tracts to work but has never officially 'joined' and become a member. Her co-workers will assume she is x denomination. Now let's take Joe, he is famous, he is constantly thanking the Universe and saying things like Namaste and has to leave interviews early to go meditate and channel his higher self. Many people may think he is a 'new age-r'. Neither scenario may be technically correct but that may be the general consensus.

    People (if they think about it all except for us here) who even notice she thanks jah might scratch their heads for a few moments trying to put it all together; jehovah, jw's? pregnant before marriage? questionable photographs & clothing.... and on and on. This will take all of 5 seconds before they turn the page and go on to the next story and in all likelihood quickly forgotten. Just like when a jw comes to your door, for most it is an annoyance that lasts a moment and then is forgotten until someone makes a joke about jw's knocking on Sat mornings.

    All this took longer to type than most people give a thought about her 'spiritual' leanings.

    says much about my social life huh? I gotta get out more.

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