A 'Paradise' for mice turned out not to be so

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  • Petraglyph

    In this experiment, mice were given a perfect environment in which to live. For the mice you would think this was 'Paradise'. But due to their nature it did not take long for this to become a horrible place to live.


    It leads me to contemplate the JW dream of living forever in a 'Paradise Earth' and wonder what this would have actually been like in reality.

    For me, I could see 'not caring' coming to the fore. Life becomes valueless as it is taken for granted. For example, if everything is provided, why bother?

    Time becomes meaningless as you have all the time in the world to do things. If you're going to live forever, why bother? You've got plenty of time.

    And so does anything ever get done? Does anything actually happen? Or will it all go 'stagnant'?

    The joke...

    'If your husband says he's going to get it done, he'll get it done. There's no need to nag him about it every 6 months'

    ...takes on a whole new meaning.

    Where is the impetus towards life? If all the meaning, all the drivers, all the constraints are removed, what are you left with?

    Just some musings about life and stuff, on this still December afternoon...

  • Vidiot

    I've said this before, but...

    ...if the WT were given a small country to govern as they see fit, I guarantee you that within a decade, free speech and freedom of religion would be nonexistent, any form of alternative sexual expression would be outlawed, any media from the outside world would be censored, disfellowshipped individuals would be imprisoned or deported, and "apostates" would be sentenced to death without possibility of appeal or reprieve. (Anyone who denies this is either naïve or simply lying to themselves.)

    Now, picture that regime encompassing the entire planet.

    And lasting Indefinitely.

  • NewYork44M
    Quite a disturbing video. Thanks for sharing (not that I did not have enough to worry about already).
  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    If the WT were given a small country to govern as they see fit, I guarantee...

    They'd have nothing to look forward to....no reason to feel superior to anyone.....no one to blame their problems on and they'd be sick of each other, sick of being watched and their every move directed and they'd out of their minds with boredom in no time.

  • talesin

    The major limiting factor in the experiment was space. I think that must have played a big role.

    Population control occurs naturally - that's what this experiment says to me. Perfect conditions ... hmmm... of course, that would have as many definitions as there are humans on the globe. : ))

    Places where human populations are condensed ... refugee camps, inner cities ... what happens?

    My thoughts, that's all.


  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot

    talesin: "Population control occurs naturally - that's what this experiment says to me."

    But what does the experiment imply for us? Are we to let 'natural' reasons govern our fate or do we have to take population control seriously.

  • rebel8

    I would love to live forever in paradise with no crime, hunger, illness, etc.

    As long as there were only ~50 individuals of my choosing who mostly left me alone, unlimited books, music and diversions. ;)

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    Perhaps that explains what's happened with the growth and then implosion of the bethel population.

    Bethel was supposed to be a paradise. Most of my housing conditions were very overcrowded. There was plenty of food, sometimes good, often more aptly described as "Bachelor Chow". I certainly had my tail chewed on plenty of times. Glad I escaped from that cage before I curled up and died.

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot

    rebel8: "As long as there were only ~50 individuals..."

    Sounds like you will have some serious inbreeding with that few people.

  • talesin

    VI - funny that we are discussing this, as I read an article on population control in the last 2-3 weeks. I wipe my history often, but shall see if I can find it by looking around on google. I don't read 'scientific' or political blogs, so it would be .edu or .gov, or in a bona fide onine news outlet, etc. It discussed a case study of some country or population that was headed for overpopulation crisis, and certain factors naturally come into play, that levelled things out on their own. Also spoke of China, and how the attempt at population control has backfired, big time. Hmm. Very interesting stuff, and made a lot of sense.

    My personal opinion is that we have already interfered with nature. If we could change, and use technology to help people lead better lives. Example: Food. If we returned to family farms (which take up very little acreage, planting methods can be used that naturally control pests, crop and grazing rotation, all good things for people and earth) and started to *mostly* eat local foods and fresh local produce, thousands of jobs would be created. Factory farms, with their disease-ridden populations and shit pools that endanger the water supply, would be gone. The waste of so much food that is thrown away because it does not meet supermarket standards? That waste alone, would feed all of our hungry and aid the working poor in Canada.

    This would require a new monetary system. Deconstruction of multi-nationals would be required. Economic and political power-seeking would have to become a 'bad thing'. Different solutions for different regions, continents, countries, etc. World cooperation, a true global economy free from exploitation of those who need help and support the most.

    In other words, we need a global paradigm shift. We need to see the Earth and all life on it, as one huge ecosystem of which we are a part. Instead of being bent on conquering, we should be focused on co-operation. We have the technology. We just need the will.

    Thank you, and good nite! :P

    "You may say I'm a dreamer; but I'm not the only one."

    Even physicists speak of levels of planets, that evolve into higher forms of consciousness. It's a small part of science that Star Trek and 'first contact' is based on. I feel that this paradigm shift has begun. Things will get worse before they get better, and not in my lifetime. But I do feel that humanity, and our planet is in a state of flux, and the final outcome will be progress.


    Edit: Further, let's take a look at antibiotic resistance and superbugs. Salmonella is now developing deadly antibiotic-resistant strains. And it's everywhere in poultry. In North America, it is particularly rampant. Even backyard chickens can have salmonella. We don't know what the next superbug will be, but populations could be greatly reduced by a plague or virus that we just ... canNOT ... cure. Period. Perhaps 60% of the population will have a natural resistance (like shingles, for example), and they will survive. *shrugs*

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