Update on Detroit-Area Murder Suicide - Front Page Article

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  • OrphanCrow
    Dio: After all, if you take JW doctrine to it's logical and most extreme conclusion, dying before the big A is almost your only hope of being resurrected....especially if you know you are inoccent of any sin but are not allowed to be a member of the one true religion.


    That is the aspect of shunning that is the most abhorrent and the most damaging. Shunning acts as a death sentence. Once someone is disfellowshipped and/or shunned, the one being shunned has been condemned to death at the Big A. No resurrection. No paradise. Dead forever. Unless they die first.

    And I don't think that five years is near enough time to get rid of those ingrained notions. Cult thinking stays with some people for a long, long time.

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