Update on Detroit-Area Murder Suicide - Front Page Article

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  • lepermessiah


    This was on the front page of freep.com this morning - sadly there are some factual errors in this article that people will jump on (not allowed to go to college was in original article for instance - hopefully the reporter will correct it).

    Interesting reading the comments below the article - all kinds of opinions.

    Just some thoughts - Terrible tragedy but I think shunning does lead many people to desperate actions. It is the ultimate in cruelty. Obviously killing the rest of the family indicates additional mental health issues, but I hope this incident leads to more people recognizing the cruelty of shunning and to investigate it for themselves. I think a large percentage of JW's disagree with the shunning policy but follow it out of fear and getting shunned themselves. The scriptural reasoning is so off base in my opinion and then the society has added so many Pharisaic rules on top of it that it clear to many that something is wrong. I do see a trend where more people are questioning the company line - I hope it continues.

    Sadly, I know several people who took their lives before getting DF'ed - not sure on all the people I knew (ironically all males) but I strongly suspect several were homosexual and had acted on it (evidence was there based on personality and association - only reason I make that comment) or were ready to leave and just could not see a way out. It just makes me grateful when people get support from outlets like this. They can talk to people who exited, were successful, and found that life would indeed get better once they got through the trial and tribulation of leaving.

    Unfortunately, many will just say "well, she was just crazy" and move about their business.

  • DesirousOfChange

    Seems like a well-written article. The writer didn't cut JWs any slack, nor did she sensationalize things beyond stating actual facts.

    The event won't faze JWs as they'll rationalize it's one of the terrible things that happens anyone leaves Jehovah. Sadly, the mother took away the opportunity for her kids to have a "normal" life outside of the Cult.

  • carla

    just saw this trending on yahoo news, sad.

  • steve2

    It may sound blunt, but why should this tragedy cause JWs to question their beliefs? Facts are that before killing herself this woman murdered her husband and children. You cannot blame that on something or someone else.

    All the focus on local JWs and all they supposedly did or did not do cannot hide these facts. In three deadly blows she has robbed her loved ones of life.

  • flipper

    This is just terribly sad beyond words. MR. Flipper

  • OrphanCrow
    steve2: In three deadly blows she has robbed her loved ones of life.

    That is true, Steve.

    But, we cannot know what was going on in her head (unless the suicide note she left explains it)

    Using twisted JW logic, her act might have made the most sense to her.

    Wasn't there a similar case years back (a JW man killed his family and himself?) where the man did it as an act of desperation because he believed that he was actually giving his family members a chance at everlasting life? His rationale was that, if they died before Armageddon, Jehovah would resurrect them and give them a chance in paradise. But, he thought that if they had to endure Armageddon coming, that they would be killed along with the wicked ones with no hope of a paradise resurrection.

  • DwainBowman

    OH how I wish I could post this on the JW Yelp page's in my area. But I know that I can be tracked down!!

  • Simon

    So ... family leaves JW because they want their kids to go to college so they can have a future. That doesn't make complete sense to me - although the JWs do try to dissuade further education it's not outright forbidden, so they could do both. Has anyone been disciplined in any way for going to college?

    Anyway, five years after doing all that "for their kids future" she then decides to kill her kids, and her husband.

    There seems to be more to the story than just the JW aspect to it. While many will be keen to blame the JWs, the horrible selfish crime committed was hers. "Some people stopped talking to me 5 years ago so I murdered my family" doesn't make me think those other people are responsible, it makes me think she was nuts and maybe they were right to distance themselves.

  • DwainBowman

    A long time pioneer friend of mine took her life 20 years ago. Some thing bad happened to he only child, and she just snapped. But it didn't matter, it might bring reproach on the borg, no funeral talk, or anything for her. In fact everyone was instructed, not to take anything that might tie her to the borg, into the funeral home, or to tell anyone that she was a jw!! A couple of the eldub's in that city work for the TV & Newspaper, it was never carried on either of them!!

  • Sliced

    People tend to miss vital words: Number one, the title. Its a suggestion of the friends that the shunning may have pushed this woman to murder. So, NO--- I personally do not think the writer was out of line in her report. She provided background info as to the possible reasons WHY she may have lost it, and did not excuse the woman of the heinous crime it was--- however, when you kill yourself and your family- hell YES- you have serious mental illness. Well, geeeeesh people--- Most Jehovah's Witnesses do suffer with mental illness and yes, some have gone overboard as we all know... it's about time those freakin idiots in NY answer for this crap!!! Shove these articles and tons of other ones up their rear ends. I am so sick of reading about stuff like this and the child abuse etc and they continue to sit on their high ass thrown's in Warwick. They are sick bastards.

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