Christian Longo on death row – is he up for a new trial?

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  • Vidiot

    I think Dennis Miller put it best... "yes, the death penalty is - arguably - barbaric and uncivilized... but sometimes, you just have the thin the herd..." (paraphrasing, but that's the gist)...

    ..meaning, no matter how ugly it is, sometimes it's the only way to truly effectively deal with the problem, to give the victim's family any kind of closure, and protect the public at large.

    I don't like the DP, but if someone murdered my wife and/or kids, I can't see myself losing any sleep over their killer's execution.

  • Vidiot
    Nathan Natas - "...all part of the Universal Sovereign's loving plan to fuck with us for all eternity."

    Well, gosh, Nate, don't hold back...

    ...tell us how you really feel. :smirk:

  • The Son
    The Son

    Well first of all, i am disgusted by some of the comments of some self-righteous people who say they are pro death penalty. Well i just hope for them they think twice about what they wish for.

    Second i think you need to be more careful with your research. Christian Longo actualy wasn't a real JW after all, so best try not to twist the fact just to sensationalize the news here. He might have been brought up as a JW, but was living a double life for long time, and wasn't active at the time of the crime. Sorry, but not a good negative story here after all😉.

  • Tantalon

    Hi "The Son", welcome.

    I would love to know a little of your story and what brings you here to this site.Feel free to share.

  • Onager

    Hi The Son,

    I haven't done any research, I try and avoid such real life horror stories, but if you post links to your evidence that he wasn't a real JW, I'll check them out.

    Until then, you're just making unsubstantiated claims.

  • carla

    " wasn't a real JW "- isn't that what every jw says when a jw is caught doing something?

    It is only the internal world of jw's that distinguish between being a baptized member in good standing or whatever. To the rest of the world if you go to a kh on any kind of regular basis you ARE a jw.

    I have read horrific stories of jw elders who commit a heinous crime and still the diehard jw's will say, "well, he wasn't a real jw". Makes me sick they can be so blind.

    Why do jw's think they can judge that anyway? Aren't they supposed to leave it in jah's hands? Don't they say only jah can read hearts? blah,blah,,blah.....


    “The Son” is just a troll.


  • smiddy3

    Of course all of the Catholics in jails aren`t real Catholics either because if they were real Catholics they wouldn`t be in jail .

    And to The Son ,you do realise that Jehovah and Christ Jesus are lovers of the death penalty dont you ?

    by the way, welcome and stick around ,tell us more about yourself.

  • smiddy3

    And when a person kills more than one person and their is absolutely no doubt who is/was responsible ,I have no qualms in saying put the SOB to death.

    Jehovah kills destroys people for much less than that ,including young children ,old men old women ,but not virgins for some reason ,oh yes that`s right they are spoils of war .

  • Done

    "He wasn't a real jw"?

    He sure did pretend to be one. I knew him and his family. Was in the same Congo and worked at the same place for a while

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