Could the Watchtower lose tax exemption in US?

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  • 2+2=5

    There are about 3 million JW in the US (knocking on every door they see).

    about 10.5 million people study the bible with JW. That's a lot of JW!

    Hahaha! Turn it up. This isn’t the 60’s. The door knocking has slowed... hiding in the shadows in obscure public places is now the best way to preach.

    Anthony Morris admitted those numbers are phoney... can’t be trusted. Not bible studies... actually just magazine drop off points.

    It’s mostly been a waste of time, money and people’s lives.

    Keep up with new light.

  • DesirousOfChange

    There are about 3 million JW in the US (knocking on every door they see).

    3 MIL?

    Show me.

  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy

    Perhaps an alternative question/suggestion could be - "Why don't all religions lose their tax-free status?"

    Just imagine the sizeable revenues which many countries would receive if they made religions pay their way in society.

    Why don't all religions lose their tax-free status?"

    All religions and large companies that find loopholes to dodge paying tax. This would free up the middle-class being taxed at the highest rate giving less pressure to work longer hours and have more family time and recreation.

  • alanv

    There are just over 1 million JWs in the USA. Many of those do practically nothing each month, as can be seen by average hours spent loitering on street corners etc.

  • westiebilly11

    I don't see why any religious/belief structure should receive tax exemption. Why should govts/general public subsidize beliefs, and forfeit tax revenue?. Perhaps is such tax benefits were withdrawn from these religious corporations then they would have to rely more on donations from their followers and that way they'd be obligated to put them first rather than presume on tax advantages.

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