My Gay XJW Friend's Decision Concerning His Relationship With His Partner

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    OK, some respondents have raised questions/comments so let me first attempt to explain some unclear points and later why I thought this may be an interesting topic to post.

    First, Pete Zahut. Yup, something wrong with my maths (not unusual), Anyway the theme is not affected by my fake maths.(grin),
    Pete then adds: "Anyway, I'm curious how you came to know so much about this situation and are they asking you for your advice in terms of what they should do? Since it was mentioned, is it significant to the story that the two younger men are Chinese?"

    I can describe my gay xjw friend as an acquaintance for years before he was expelled from God's clean people (another big grin), and because of my own expulsion and a chance meeting afterwards, we have become good friends. Through that friendship I've had the opportunity to meet many well-adjusted, intelligent gay men, which has been an interested experience given my own interest in sociology. My friend first spoke to me about his feelings and fears a year or so ago and guess his fears mirror the fears of many heterosexual's who may find themselves in similar situations. I thought it may be a interesting topic to raise. And, in time my friend agreed that I could.

    The situation is likely common, if divorces end roughly 50% of all marriages (str8 ones anyway, have not seen divorce rates yet for gay marriages) then one of the partners meeting a new (and hopefully, in their estimation a better) lover, then it should be a common problem. But how to deal with it?

    When thinking about it all from a heterosexual perspective. I thought of Rupert Murdoch meeting Wendy Deng, and deciding to divorce his previous wife and marry Wendy. I have no idea what Rupert could do in bed with Wendy? But, it may not have been much (although Rupert M. may have been able afford limitless amounts of Viagra.Cialis etc) as one day poor old Rupert hears rumours of Wendy's fascination with Tony Blair's thighs, leading of course, to another divorce. And then there's the current American President, meeting a pretty model named Melania and deciding to ditch Maria Maples and marry the new one. I guess in both those cases, millions of dollars console broken hearts

    Anyway,I thought my friend's chosen method was rather unique. He eventually decided to facilitate the possible arrangement ( I say possible, because it may not all eventuate).

    Pete Zahut also wondered if "it (was)significant to the story that the two younger men are Chinese?"

    Probably not, at least as far as, this story goes. But both their lives illuminate the fortunes/misfortunes of Chinese people in the last 100 years.

    My friend's YP is Singaporean, He was an orphan, perhaps a state ward, then fostered by an extremely (dirt) poor family.. Too poor to get to go to school, (this was still the British Singapore - and (the Brits didn't give a rat's arse about the poorer Sg people), He started working at age 12, And he's done OK in his life all by his own efforts. I cant share all of that info, but he puts to shame some people with better initial advantages. I think he is far above average intelligence. Without any formal learning, he speaks English like an average Australian, as well as 4 or 5 Chinese languages (dialects).

    His new friend comes from contemporary China. He is actually Mongolian, again from a poorer family. He could not get to school until he was age 9. Yet he has a degree from a technical university in China and a Masters degree in IT from an Australian uni.

    If I included all that info, my first post would be approaching a magazine article in length. And, its not really pertinent to the issue.

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