I need some friends!!

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  • DarioKehl

    Ouch. That's a tough situation.

    theres a great exjw subreddit too where you may find others closer to your age (I assume you're a teenager if you're still homeschooling). They have several google hangouts or meet up in games on ps4 or XBox.

    my only strong advice is to be very careful reaching out to anyone online when you're a minor and in such a vulnerable state--including this forum or anywhere else. Don't give real info about yourself, location or any other details that could identify you. Not only do you need to stay off the JW radar, but no place on the internet is immune from having people with other bad motives. Just sayin!

    and oh yeah: always always always remember to erase your browsing history, sign off and/or log off from any device after you visit an exjw forum, ok? Phone, iPad, laptop--all it takes is one time to forget, grab a snack in the next room and have someone in your family discover your apostasy. It's a big mess and I've seen it happen to kids on here before.

    Take care and it will get better eventually.

  • JWdaughter

    Be cautious. There are creeps in the world that will take advantage of your loneliness, and they might be at the hall or online.

    You are in a tough situation. I hope when you are of age that you get yourself out of the environment ASAP. It will be hard without friends, but you will soon make some. Try getting a job now if you can (even if you have to work for a JW). You will meet new people and be able to save money. I don't know how much talking to your parents will help, but I won't assume that they are evil JW parents. The isolation may not be something they even really see happening. There are a lot who care about their kids and are trying to do what is best for them. Without alarming them, you could mention how you feel so isolated and see about taking a community schools course or volunteering somewhere "wholesome" that will give you some transferable job skills. I am sure they don't want to support you forever.

    Get out of the house, exercise and meet your neighbors. Maybe make the neighbors cookies or bread or a pie (I don't care if you are a boy). You can tell your parents its a good witness to do kind things for neighbors without an agenda. This will get you out, more freedom, talking to others, helping them, perhaps. Even if you meet "old" people, you might enjoy the experience and learn about the world from a non-JW point of view.

    I wish you well and happy, truly. You are in a great time of your life. THe entire universe is open to you. Some of us here are a great example for you of finding your way out, some of us are cautionary tales. Your life is a fresh slate. I hope you live it beautifully and fill it with love and joy and color and lots of people that you love.

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