For JWs Lurking Here: This Is How Your Governing Body Are Robbing You

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  • pale.emperor

    Hello to all the active Jehovah's Witnesses lurking on here, or those having doubts.

    Seriously, I welcome you.

    I was explaining to one of my friends recently about how the Watchtower society uses it's members to make them money every day without them even realizing it. Unbelievable? Then let me explain...

    Imagine you need a new Kingdom Hall. Your congregation saves and saves and finally they have the money to build a Kingdom Hall. Let's say about £90,000.

    They find the land and the Watchtower society send them the approved plans on how they would like the hall to look. Then, they buy the materials and they start building.

    Who does the building? - You do! Yes, it's all very jolly, encouraging and up-building but it's also hard work. Why, finally, even the sisters can do something the men do!

    As this is going on, food is provided for the workers. Who buys and prepares the food? - You do!

    As you're not paid workers, you're not employees - therefore if you hurt yourself in any way you're not entitled to make a claim against the Watchtower society. Oh, and the medical staff on site? Yes, they're JWs too and are there for free too (volunteers).

    The Kingdom Hall is finally built. Hooray!

    Then a few years later, your Governing Body tell you to merge halls with another congregation. And they sell the Kingdom Hall you built. Who gets the money? - Not you! Not your congregation who actually provided the money and did all the work and upkeep... no, it goes to the Watchtower society.

    So you move into another congregation, and you're told to like it. And if you dont like it you're labelled as "causing divisions".

    Remember this video from the 2018 convention?

    Whether is makes sense or not, im going to support that arrangement.

    There's a reason they want you to just put up and shut up and not ask questions.

    Because they're fleecing you...

  • stuckinarut2

    Great post Mark!

  • Londo111

    Good points.

    It used to be Kingdom Halls were a local effort and paid for and owned locally. Over the decades, the property ended up in Watchtower's hands.

    Now Watchtower is desperate for money to keep afloat.

  • Chook

    Londo111 ,they aren’t desperate for money to keep afloat, they are desperate to sustain current levels of luxury, 2000 thread cotton sheets for our princes of Warwick. WT is a milking machine, may all you sheep please expose your udders.

  • DesirousOfChange

    And JW's here really believe that their money is being used to build new Kingdom Halls in Africa and other lands far away where there is great need.

    "There's one born every minute."

  • pale.emperor

    And lets not forget PART 2 of the scam. "Lovingly cancelling all loans" that the congregations had with Bethel, but making them still pay the same amount as a "donation" each month indefinitely.

    And those that didnt have a loan with Bethel were given slips to hand around asking how much they can give each month as a family.

    Even the Mormons have the balls to at least call it a tithe.

  • EverApostate

    Any cult member expends his/her time, energy and money to the cult, thinking that they are serving their (Imaginary) god or a Guru, all for an (Imaginary) after life.

  • days of future passed
    days of future passed

    The other cost is - loss of time with family members. If you have construction skills, you will be "invited" to have the "privilege" of working in far off locations away from family. Donating your vacation time to work for them.

  • Giordano

    The watchtower publishing empire was built on the back of paid labor. Yes indeed! Back in the day when I graduated High School I was given a choice....... pioneer for one year then apply to the Brooklyn Bethel.

    I had visited Bethel a number of times as we lived about an hour's train ride away. I knew all about Bethel. It was a crap hole. 3, 4 or 5 newbies to a room. Food was just so so.

    The factory could be a hell hole......... but the pay my friends......... was stunning. In the early 1960's you worked a 5 & 1/2 day week.....and you were paid $14 dollars a month That worked out to 30 cents an hour.

    I took a pass and decided to pioneer where the need was great.

    All told I stayed where the need was great for a total of three years. About the time it took to work out that the WTBTS did not have the truth.

  • EverApostate
    Giordano , Your experience is amazing. Have always wondered how a super Zealous bethelite could eventually turn out to be cult free.
    If you tell us how you discovered TTATT, that would be great.

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