I think I was terribly wrong...

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  • sinboi

    Thank you all for your comments.

    When I made that comment, what I was concerned then was the things I have lost after leaving.

    But now I realized how much more I have gained by leaving and how many things I would have lost if I choose to stay.

    I think the biggest blow to me after I left was the death of my closest friend. I have lost the hope of a resurrection. Did you noticed that after I started the topic on “Is it better to have a false hope than to have no hope”, I disappeared for more than 3 months?

    The whole world seems to collapse on me then! I have relied on him too much. I have known him for 8 years. We have gone through life together for half of our lives.We were both 16. And he left me suddenly!

    I know that he will be there for me if my parents were to kick me out of my house. I depended on him to help me adapt to this world. Now I find myself alone…I got so depressed that a classmate of mine has to inform the teacher. I have to be referred to a school counselor…

    I have gained more friends…I have received more down-to-earth advice from real people…no longer receiving advice from those fanatics at the wt! Yes, learning can sometimes be painful. But no pain no gain! I agree that I have become more mature. I need to hold myself accountable for every action I make. I would not be able to learn this if I continue to live in wt fantasy!

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