Would Hollywood EVER dare ...

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  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy

    ... to "abuse" the name of Mohammed in a similar way as they do with the name of Jesus Christ?

    I'm prompted to ask this having recently watched a police action movie where "Jesus f------g Christ" was twice uttered.

    In the western world at least, Christians & Christianity appear to be fair game, (no objections here) but Islam verges on being sacrosanct - at least it appears so in the UK.

  • thatsmealright

    For reasons that are beyond me to explain, Christians have come up with and use crass language involving Jesus /god and rarely speak up if they are offended.

    Jesus ** christ! Is not a Muslim way of cussing, it's origin is Christians. There is no typical way that I've heard muslims use to be crass with the name of their prophet or god.

    I have heard Christians make claims about Muhammed that muslims disagree with. They do so on Christian talk shows, right wing talk shows, and I don't think Richard Dawkins holds back on his opinions of islam.

    Cussing out muhammad is not part of Muslim culture while using Jesus as an explitive is in Christian world. I have seen muslims object to usingname of Jesus to cuss with.

    Crazy muslims think it's fighting over if muhammads name is disrespected. It still happens and people do, but sometimes a whack job decides to make a point on this subject and harms others. It makes the news, but bill o Reilly doesn't censor himself. Plenty don't and they aren't all anonymous.

    If Christians slowed down seeing movies where Jesus name was denigrated, then it would end in the movies.

  • Vanderhoven7

    <<Jesus ** christ! Is not a Muslim way of cussing, it's origin is Christians.>>

    Must be "fake christians" TMR. True Christians have the highest respect for the name of Jesus.

    I remember speaking to a young girl at a resort. During our conversation I told her something like, "Jesus loves you". Her response was; "You swore". I had to explain that there was a right way and a wrong way to use the name of Jesus.

  • sir82

    Hollywood movies reflect modern culture.

    In modern culture, 10's if not 100's of millions of people in "Christian lands" say things every day that would meet your definition of abuse.

    I suspect far far far fewer Muslims speak in a similar way.

    That, and American/European (western) movies center on western culture. 99% of the characters in such films are western, Christian-background characters. There aren't many Muslims in western movies, aside from terrorists, soldiers, etc. So there isn't much opportunity for Muslims to "abuse" their prophet in those films.

  • jhine

    l agree Vanderhoven7 , practising Christians take the name of Jesus very seriously . Most people who identify as Christian on government , hospital forms etc aren't believers at all , it is a cultural identity not a statement of faith .


  • thatsmealright

    Our culture accepts the abuse of the name and few Christians speak up about it. That's kind of a shame. People discuss giving up their lives for their beliefs but they won't even speak up about something like that. They may not think it's appropriate for their child to see at the movies. We also have a culture where it's polite to just step back when we don't like something rather than to speak up if we are offended. We don't want to look like a stick in the mud.

    Hollywood reflects our society for sure. Our society is not really interested in islam.

    Hollywood takes the most common exclamation among muslims(Allah akhbar) and has turned it into a terrorist war cry, but it's honestly what we have actually heard coming from terrorists. Just as Christians use the name of Jesus for praise and worship, Allah akhbar is something muslims use to express gratitude, satisfaction etc.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Of course Hollywood wouldn't dare do such a thing.

    Given the current climate of Hollywood, it is much more likely to have a film where a disabled Muslim woman is the hero because 'diversity!'

  • eyeuse2badub

    Using Jesus name 'in vain' is cool. Using Mohammad's name 'in vain' is more like a death sentence!

    just saying!

  • redvip2000

    Well there is also the sentiment that muslims are a minority and an ethnic group. They are not, either a minority or an ethnic group, but because of this perception the media and hollywood refuse to say anything negative about them, lest they be accused of racism.

    This sort of stuff is typical of the US, this insistence of looking at things through the goggles of America. It is because of this that feminist movements in the US will strongly defend the use of the hijab for muslim women, while completely ignoring that is most other places women are chastised for not doing it, and coerced and threatened with violence if they don't wear one.

  • 2+2=5

    We bend over backwards to make sure Islam has its freedoms protected, they should be free to worship at mosques, oppress women, hate gays, organise honour killings and just free to do the normal Islam stuff.

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