Childless elders need to piss off

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  • stillin

    I wish my wife would go somewhere now and then.

  • scratchme1010

    Anyone else think it's wrong to ask a women with small children to volunteer there time, ask if they like to come to a potential study etc etc?

    Let's see: they want people to go meet every single week, go preaching distributing their literature, and make every single life decision around and for them. Yeah, I have the feeling that it's a little inappropriate to ask women (or anyone for that matter) anything, especially when you consider that they get zero out of anything and everything they do for them.

  • notalone

    Oh, I do so remember. I was pioneer.for several years When I had my kids I had to come off the list. I have two special needs children They assigned another pioneer to me so that I could 'learn' how to get my hours up.

  • LongHairGal


    I agree with you about childless elders needing to get lost...along with other elders as well if they are not in reality about everyday life. Certainly somebody with no children should shut the hell up on this topic when talking to somebody with kids.

    The bottom line as I remember it, is a general lack of respect for women. Many elders didn't and don't have a clue and imagine any and all women are there to do favors (especially single women but any woman will do, in a pinch).. These men have no regard for these women's circumstances or their general welfare.

    I made sure I said "No".

  • freddo

    Ah ... the art of saying "NO".

    I remember a few years back when my report dropped below the required level to run a microphone that two elders - including my group overseer "encouraged" me and said they would lift my burden by taking my KH assignments (microphone duty and sound desk duty) AKA "privileges" from me.

    Two weeks later my group overseer asked if I could help with hall cleaning and I said that sorry but I no longer had "privileges".

    He said that kingdom hall cleaning wasn't a part of "privileges" and that I could help out. (He said it like he was granting me a favour!)

    He was most put out when I said "Sorry! If I can't lift a microphone, I can't lift a toilet cleaning brush either; find someone else, BROTHER!"

  • ab.ortega

    Good for you freddo!

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