Childless elders need to piss off

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  • Steel

    Anyone else think it's wrong to ask a women with small children to volunteer there time, ask if they like to come to a potential study etc etc?

    My wife just spent an entire day helping with a kingdom hall reno while I babysat. I latter stepped out and saw half the elders having coffee because they had so many people show up, they were tripping over each other.

    I also have no idea what tangible skill my wife offered or why it is important she needs to be there.

    I just wish these men would man up and be men, instead of just wasting everyone's time on purpose.

  • Visitor1984

    You babysat your kids?

  • Steel


    I forgot. It's called being a parent now, not babysitting.

    Still the point is childless weirdos placing time constraints on young families.

    It's pretty classless.

  • Visitor1984

    Maybe your wife enjoys that type of thing. If she stays at home with the kids all the time she could feel like it's a break.

    If she does not enjoy it or she truly does not have the time then she needs to be encouraged to make her own decisions and learn how to say no to others. That's not always easy for JW women.

    I do have a distinct dislike for childless elders. I'll never forget the one who opened his public talking asking the audience which would be worse-having your child missing and their face on the side of a milk carton or losing your child spiritually. I tuned out the rest of the clueless moron's talk.

  • JWdaughter

    Ask your wife to refrain from volunteering for daylong projects as you enjoy your time together as a family. I'm sure that you can find a way to agree on appropriate time schemes. This really isn't about the elders, its between the two of you and just talk to HER. You can point out to her what you pointed out to us. Maybe she can make a tray of sandwiches or drop off some drinks for the elders to sit under their umbrellas and sip while others are working. It doesn't take a whole day commitment in any case. Two hours or other things are fair enough.

  • zeb

    In a similar vein I recall a kh being built and everyone would turn up on Saturday mornings and be gone by lunch time leaving the usual few to continue. This was no QB it took months to complete.

  • Steel

    When my wife gave birth and came home from the hospital, we had two elders show up and ask for her hours for the month. Unfreaking believable.

    It's about boundaries and common sense. It's pisses me off. All it takes to move up in the Borg is to have too much time on your hands and no personal class.

  • talesin

    I hate to quote Nancy Reagan, but "Just say NO." Once you practice it a few times, it's easy. "NO" is a complete sentence!

    And, I have to add that, spending time taking care of your own children is NOT babysitting. You are learning TTATT, and that is great. Freedom! It also means freedom and EQUALITY. Your wife is not the caretaker of your family - you are a team. Babysitting? Really? <=== that is reality in the RW. Don't worry - it's more fun than the JW way, and the kids - they will give you so many laughs, and your relationship with wife is so much better when you are equals. x

  • joe134cd

    I don't know about childless elders needing to piss off. But I did know a DO (Hans Hubler was his name). This guy was such an obnoxious pratt he would order mothers out of the assembly hall in front of the whole audience if their baby was crying. I think he was eventually shipped of to the Pacific islands some where, where he was finally removed and sent packing back to Australia. Even to this day, Im just stunned that they put up with his crap for so long before they finally got rid of him. Just a real nasty peice of work that guy.

  • tor1500


    I say ask you wife, ....Why did she volunteer all day ? Although, you didn't mind being with the kids. So Honey, Why?

    You may be surprised at the answer. I don't think you meant babysitting your own children, it's that you saw something that wasn't fair. I've heard that at my hall, sisters that have kids and the elders want to know why they are not out in service....really?

    So just ask her, maybe she gets her worth at the hall, maybe being a Mom is not enough....If you and her start to talk about this, it may put a fire out before it starts....You two may just need to talk and find out what's on each others mind...don't wait for family study.


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