What if Damascus is destroyed fulfilling Isaiah 17 prophecy?

by sinboi 11 Replies latest watchtower bible

  • deegee


    Isaiah's prophecy regarding the destruction of Damascus is actually a failed prophecy.

    Some persons can't accept that Bible prophecies have failed, they rather reinterpret them and project them into the future (BTW, this also applies to Jesus' failed end of the world prophecy).

  • sinboi

    Thank you all for your replies. I have got the answer I need.

    I found that I have not really learnt my lesson after being misled by the wt for 16 years.

    Now christendom churches just pick a verse from the bible and throw it at me and I was shaken. I did not check the context. Deegee's short answer woke me up. What was Isaiah prophesying about? His time or centuries later? The answer is just a verse before it..."within 3 years" (Isaiah 16:14) So he is not talking about what will happen to Damascus centuries later but what will happen within 3 years of that prophecy! So that prophecy obviously didn't come true...Damascus is still inhabitable!

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