What if Damascus is destroyed fulfilling Isaiah 17 prophecy?

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  • sinboi

    I don't think the wt ever say anything about this prophecy. If they did, I think they will say it is symbolic and that it doesn't mean Damascus will be destroyed literally,

    But watching the things happening now in Syria , it seems very possible that it could happen.

    If this prophecy comes true, will those of you here who have rejected the bible as the word of god think twice regarding the bible?

    I have just left the wt 9 mths ago. I still cannot say I have completely regard the bible as bullshit. I have to admit that there is still a belief lingering inside my head that the bible is true.

    Many times I have tried to shrug it off. But it just keep on coming back.

    Please let me know what you think if bible prophecies come true.

  • 2+2=5

    If this prophecy comes true, will those of you here who have rejected the bible as the word of god think twice regarding the bible?

    The bible is bullshit, no events on earth can change this.

    I have to admit that there is still a belief lingering inside my head that the bible is true

    You’ve been indoctrinated. You need to get educated.

    Relax and enjoy yourself, there is no evil sky daddy scheming out death or deliverance for humanity.

  • pale.emperor


    Listen, eventually, at some point in time Damascus will be destroyed. As will London, Paris, Washington and Sydney. Perhaps not in our lifetime, but certainly 100% in the future.

    How do i know? Not because of some bible prophesy bullshit, but because by observing other small stars like our sun, astrophysicists have learned that one day the sun will cool and expand and engulf this planet and liquidate the earth and everything on it in a millisecond.

    THAT, my friend, will happen. Besides, this planet has destroyed almost all life on it at least 3 times in its 4.5 Billion years. It's bound to happen again a few times before it's destroyed entirely.

  • punkofnice

    The trouble with prophecy is that it's so vague. It's open to interpretation. Once an something has happened, believers and/or scam artists look back in hindsight and make their vague BS fit the event.

    A broken clock is right twice a day.

    I think a bit of critical thinking and asking questions about the bibble and god that we were afraid to ask is in order.

    EG. If god inspired the bibble, then why this god communicated it so very poorly that it's vague beyond even the most stupid of minds?

  • deegee


    Did Isaiah intend this prophecy to apply to a political situation of his day or to some event in the far flung future?

  • Crazyguy

    Well then Nebuchadnezzar will then have to be resurrected so he can go and fulfill The prophecies in Ezekiel chapters 29 on. He will have to destroy Egypt drive the people out stop the nile from flowing and make it so not even one animal will live there. He will have to make this happen and keep it that way for 40 years too.

  • venus

    The very fact that God did not ensure non-tampering of the Bible shows that it doesn't belong to Him, nor any other scriptures because they all have been tampered with whereas Book of Nature cannot be tampered with by anyone. Many have discerned vital truths reading the Book of Nature.

    Even if Bible somehow proved to be God's word, then problems are more because it has books in it contradicting to each other. If Damascus is destroyed we can say ok at the most some portion of the Bible is true.

    But prophecy is not a too significant aspect because it can come from other source also:

    For example, Craig Hamilton-Parker has had a streak of correct predictions about significant developments in geopolitics.

    Chiefly among them are Brexit, and the election of Donald Trump in 2016.

    As someone who sees the future, New Year's Eve is probably a night without much wonder, or hopeful anticipation.

    Hamilton-Parker has deigned to share his visions with us.

    Speaking in a video posted to his YouTube channel, he predicted:

    • More terrorist attacks.
    • Mass strikes in Britain.
    • A US warship will sink.
    • Kim Jong-un will be overthrown.
    • Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will announce an engagement.
    • Donald Trump will survive an impeachment attempt.
    • A volcano near Naples will erupt (possibly Mt. Vesuvius)
    • A large chunk of Antarctica will break away.

    Writing on his blog, Hamilton-Parker said that despite this gloomy list, the year 2018 will have some good moments.

    2018 will be a year of political turmoil and environmental crisis caused by dramatic and unprecedented weather.


  • LoveUniHateExams

    Please let me know what you think if bible prophecies come true - Bible prophecies are so vague that they can be made to fit virtually any world event, past or present.

    Re biblical verses about Damascus ... well, these were written before Arab tribes colonised Damascus and other areas of the Levant.

    The current events going on in Eastern Ghouta (suburb of Damascus) is a case of Arabs slaughtering each other. It has nothing to do with the lunatic writings of ancient Jews.

  • EverApostate

    North Korean Supremo is the King of the North. Putin is Anti-Christ. The number 666 is written on someone on this planet. Need to find out. Wow. Bible is full of fun and thrill

    sinboi, It seems you have never investigated the bible fully to know about its ridiculousness, Silliness, Ignorance, hatred, wickedness, Cruelty ... and many more negative aspects , which invariably proves itself to be a garbage

  • deegee

    What LoveUniHateExams said.

    Isaiah was writing about Israel’s ancient conflicts with Syria.

    Isaiah's focus was on what was happening in his world and what God would do about it in the near future in delivering Israel from her enemies and kicking the other nations butts - or happily allowing them to join the party if they bow the knee to Yahweh.

    Isaiah (and the other prophets of Israel) were not concerned with “end times prophecies.”

    The biblical records of ancient hostilities are simply NOT veiled references for what is going on in whatever moment we happen to be living in.

    Don’t drag Israel’s ancient conflicts with Syria into what is happening now and call it God’s will for today.

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