What JWs do right, and what they do wrong.

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  • redvip2000

    And even if it was biblical, it would be completely non-sensical, totally ineffective, and a colossal waste of time.

    Even my local township has a notification system to warn for example of a coming thunderstorm, which reaches everybody via SMS within minutes and notifies every single resident.

    Somehow they have figured out that going around knocking on doors would be complete nonsense. But God hasn't.

  • Vidiot

    Door-to-door work isn't "based on the Bible".

    It's based on early- to mid-20th-Century business sales techniques.

    In fact, a while back there was a WT illustration of 1st-Century Christians doing JW-style door-to-door work... complete with big bags of scrolls, no less...

    ...and it looked so frigging weird that some people here had trouble believing it was even real (as in legitimate WT-authorized artwork).

    Spoiler alert... it was.

    In fact, I saw it while I was still in, and it completely jarred me out of the WT study.

  • Londo111

    At one time, I thought early Christians went door-to-door or house-to-house in the same manner JWs do. But it doesn't hold up when you examine the "prooftexts". In reality, it turns out Christians held meetings or studies in the private homes of various believers, "according to houses".

  • Vanderhoven7

    Exactly. The only time the actual Greek words "oikos kata oikos" (house to house) appear in the NT scriptures is in Luke's gospel where Jesus says "Go NOT from house to house". And even there it is not referring to going consecutively from house to house down the street.

  • pleaseresearch

    Thanks everyone. I'm watching the Cedars Penton video now. If you have anymore please add to the list.

    Thanks again :)

  • Londo111
  • Listener

    Thanks Londo you make many valid points in your video.

  • ttdtt

    Simple - Nothing, and Everything.

    They are a Cult, no extra credit for being nice.

  • JW_Rogue
    I could be wrong with what Im about to say but I do think the door to door ministry is one thing they are doing right.

    The door to door ministry is extremely ineffective. Why waste time on doors where no one is home or they don't answer? Or you get people who take the literature but aren't really interested, then you waste more time making RVs on these people. The whole thing is a big waste of time.

  • lastmanstanding

    The point in the video was nicely made, that within these verses there is an obvious contrast drawn between the public and private activities of the early Christians.

    One says “salt and pepper”.

    One does not say ‘salt and salt’... or ‘pepper and pepper’ ....unless one is a moron.

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