burning another bridge

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  • punkofnice

    A geezer I know had a chat with me when I was leaving the disgusting cult of Watchtower(tm).

    He said that a true friend is a friend all the time, no matter what. Any 'friend' not like that, you're better off without.

    That's life, mate!

  • BoogerMan

    PIMO's biggest problem?

  • StephaneLaliberte

    Enough is enough, PIMOs do it so as not to lose their family and friends, which is still possible for some. I faded nearly 10 years ago and still have contact with my parents and some very limited conversations with one or two friends; its not much but its still that. This is only possible as I didn’t give any details as to why I was leaving other than a generic expression: I no longer agree with the theology (aka: teachings), the official doctrine thought by the organization no longer aligns with my values.

    If they pressed me for more details, I’d go with:

    Think of something you don’t agree with in your religion; could you freely talk about the matter with people in your congregation without fear of any reprisals? If not, why would discussing an insignificant matter cause division in the congregation? If it is not trivial, should you really ignore your disagreement?

  • LongHairGal


    Thank you for understanding.

    When I experienced this indifferent and uncaring attitude with certain Witnesses that I tried to talk to, it was yet another rude awakening to me even though I was ‘Out’ and retired.. I wondered if those people were in unreality? But, it is as you said about them viewing me negatively just for ‘who’ I was. They didn’t give a fig about me.

    This made me cringe at the thought about how screwed I would be if I didn’t follow my gut! I would be up that famous creek without a paddle.. I’m so Glad I listened to my common sense and my father’s ‘worldly’ wisdom!

  • TonusOH

    I long ago made a commitment to offering my friendship and help to anyone who stayed in, so as to make clear that anyone who decides to end our friendship or put the organization before family is the one putting an end to the relationship. When I was a JW, I would have acted as they do. As sad as it makes me to possibly lose valuable friends or family, my conscience is clear- if they ever need me, I am available.

  • joe134cd

    I left almost 10 years ago. I give care to my elderly JW father, and still have contact with PIMI relatives. Primarily because it makes caring for my father a much more easier process. I firmly believe when dealing with JWs “THE LESS SAID THE BETTER OFF YOULL BE.” Over the years I’ve learnt to become more inward in things JWs. I’m out, that’s all I care about. I love my father, who is happy with his position in life. The JW relatives and friends are a side line of this. I’ve found the point of balance. I suggest you do the same.

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