Interesting Wallpaper

by NeonMadman 13 Replies latest jw experiences

  • Giordano
    I think I would have lost my dinner seeing that LOL.
  • Magnum

    Interesting, thanks for sharing.

    When I saw the pic, it sort of saddened me. I wish it had been true. I wish that my JW hope had been real and that my JW heritage had been one of bold, strong men and women who were honest and sincere and who really cared and who really had the truth.

    My hope is gone. I get nostalgic feelings for old times - for the way I used to think things were (not what I found out later they actually were).

  • dbq407
    Don't tell the WT, they'll be printing experiences of how one of their articles ended up as wallpaper and someone came into the "truth" lol
  • prologos
    Can somebody send this as a screensaver wallpaper to all the bethel computers? it would be giving them food for thought, at the proper time, not just in New Jersey, but NY.

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