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  • smiddy3

    Just to clarify my post Awakenednow my thoughts/opinion was about Dr Steven Greer and not whether or not alien life forms exist .

    I have Netflix so I must avail myself to watch it and comment again after I have seen it.

    When I was about 16 years old a group of friends witnessed strange sightings and wired manoeu`vre`s in the night sky that repeated itself 3 times ,one such older person sought to find out if the Airforce had planes over the area on the night in question and the answer was no.

    And their was also another unexplained sighting two of us witnessed some years before.


    Just saying

  • _Morpheus

    After seing this thread yesterday i figured i would watch and see what i thought, so here is my take....

    there was lot in that video that made my bullshit detector go crazy. For example, time after time in the video peoples personal statments of belief were offered as “proof” of alien life. I dont care any more if lord admerial jerk off belives in alien life than if jimmy bob down at the walmart does. Its proof of nothing for a random person to express belief. Much of the movie was centered around people who have some air of crediblity offering their personal view in an attempt to sway opinion.

    Another thing that was offered as “proof” over and over were unverifiable statments of things said decades ago. Its all well and good but without any corroboration its pointless and hearsay at best. The most egregious example was a supposed death bed quote from wernher von braun warning about false flags operations that would culminate in false flag attacks by aliens. Seriously? A very convient and far too accurate death bed quote from a person who wouldnt have been in a position to have that information in the first place. Bullshit meter is pegged out on that one.

    then he spends an inordinate amount of time on free energy. Free energy is the ultimate mcguffin. He sprinkles in some tesla (a fabled genuis who was also a legendary liar) and some anti big oil propaganda just to make sure we hate the right people enough to chase his mcguffin. He only half ass tries to razzle dazzle with some sudo science bullshit ,and by the way, he throws in some useless clips of tv news talking about a guy who built a long ago debunked “water engine” which has absolutely nothing to do with his supposed zero point alien energy source but because it makes it look like big oil kills people to cover up alternative energy sources we are supposed to lap it up.

    Then there is the supposed nuclear connection. The idea that multiple ufo crashes occured in the early 40’s... seriously? These beings can master interstellar space travel but crash here all the time??? Multiple accounts relating to how advanced there space ships compared to anything we have but they apparently crash all the damn time? Crazy ass stories about alien ships disarming nukes being sent into space... but not any other satalites??? Jesus the level of shit i was asked to swallow was unreal. It was like demon stories from old watchtowers.

    So thats where my bullshit meter was going crazy.... where i was a bit more interested and, while just as skeptical, more convinced were peoples personal (first hand) experiences and accounts. Those things have to be examined in light of the people who offer them. In those cases i do care a bit more if an FAA sections chief says something than if Billy bob from the walmart says it... some of those first hand accounts were compelling... but then ive heard some of them before and was convinced that they were telling the truth as they saw it so im not sure what i get from hearing more...

    Bottom line for me: when i strip away the obvious bullshit and emotionally charged crap i got some very interesting first hand accounts , unfortunately nothing that can be corroborated. I WANT to believe and do, on some level, believe... in something... i guess? But this movie offered not a damn thing in the way of solid evidance to let me hang my hat on.

  • Amelia Ashton
    Amelia Ashton

    Until someone like Professor Brian Cox or Professor Richard Dawkins are convinced aliens have been here I will believe it is likely other life forms exist many millions of miles away but not the technology to get them here.....yet.

  • smiddy3

    After watching it myself I am prepared to go along with much of what Morpheus has already said.

    Another thing that stretches the BS meter is the 6 inch Alien corpse ? I mean c`mon really ? it was supposed to have been verified as being a fact by "experts" in that field of identifying living organisms years ago. ....and nothing.

    I would suggest you as an interested person in this subject look at other Steven Greer videos he has made a few over the years .

    I think it comes under the "Sirius " series . maybe you will get a more balanced view by watching his other videos.

    One that comes to my mind by memory is a meeting with prominent world governmental officials is one person challenging another person and relating to them as being Catholic and accepting the Virgin Mary as true and so was the evidence provided in the video.( or words to that effect)

    This was a couple of years ago and my experience with religion closed that one down.

    He has also been involved with meditation and chants with some of his groups he started or supports worldwide.

    One other thing that has always bothered me is in this day and age with everybody having the technology that is now available why is all the available images of UFO`s so grainy and fleeting when they have supposed to be flying around in some cases for hours ?

    Have you ever seen a clear video ,picture ,photo of a UFO ?......Why not ?

    And as I have said before I have seen unexplained sightings a couple of times in my life however I am not ready to jump on the bandwagon with any or every one who believes in ET

  • vivalavida

    I finally got to watch the documentary and I do agree that a lot of the stuff is a bit on the stretched side. One thing I wonder many times as I watched, was why would these people go to the extremes they go if there is nothing to their claims. And I'm not talking about Greer but about the people who were interviewed... all these generals, politicians, engineers and the sort.

    Are they somehow brainwashed? Definitely not by a specific person... more like by circumstances, personal experiences, etc.

    Just found it interesting to observe how the human brain and belief systems work.

    Concerning the comment about Tesla being a "legendary liar", it just made me remember an interesting article I read sometime ago... Was Tesla REALLY a crackpot?

    Just my two cents.


  • _Morpheus

    I enjoy hearing what others thought of the movie as well, i just wanted to offer something else in light of vivalavida’s post...

    on the matter of why those respectable people would make the claims they have, i do have a thought. They make those claims because they believe them. It dosent make the claim accurate but i believe they believe. Thats why i said in my original post that any first hand experiances they relate interest me as i accept that they are telling the truth from their perspective. I do not care at all what they personally believe. They may also be christains who believe in a flat earth and a global flood and i wont accept their personal belief as any sort of evidance but if they tell me they lived through a global flood personally im more interested. (Yea bad example)

    as for tesla bear i mind i didnt say he wasnt a genuis inventor... but tesla had a HUGE propensity to make wild and vastly exaggerated claims about his inventions and his genius. Thus i called him a fabled genuis but also a legendary liar

  • vivalavida

    Hey _Morpheus, I agree with you. You did call him a fabled genius, which he definitely was. But, I had the fleeting feeling that you wanted to cancel that out by immediately saying that he was also a legendary liar. My intention with the linked article was to show that SOME OF THE CLAIMS might actually have been reality and not lies.

    Talking about PERSONAL EXPERIENCES I can 100% understand that they carry a bit more weight than just hearsay. However, sometimes it's also hard to believe or understand what people claim to have witness.

    Case in point, when I was aprox. 11 years old, I lived in the north coast of Honduras in a town called Trujillo. There was in town absolutely no TV signal (this was around 1977). The only official ways to get there was through a very damaged dirt road through the mountains (only during the dry season) or on a boat, a small DC3 plane also came once a week or so.

    On that town, there was this very poor garifuna (black caribbean) 11 year old girl who was participating in a garifuna ancestor's ritual called dugu. We were also very good friends.

    The weird thing is that this girl comes running to my house during a break in their ritual (she lived very close) and tells me how she just had seen her auntie crawling up a wall like a spider and speaking with a weird manly voice that her family claimed was some ancestor. I was completely astounded and she was totally scared!

    To this day I can't explain what she actually saw. For years though, I used that as an example of the power of the demons... In fact, it was until many years later that I saw something similar in a movie. I couldn't understand how this poor little girl with no access to TV (absolutely no signal in town), no access to cinema or anything of the sort claimed that she saw what she said to have seen.

    So I definitely believe that hearing from somebody talking about their own experience is much more interesting and, maybe, even compelling than hearsay. And sometimes there is no explanation to the experience.


  • Awakenednow

    Great comments and insights from you guys. I do find certain testimony credible like the FAA guy and astronaut Gordon Cooper. I've heard others from my area ( Edwards AFB ) describe the same event. I've grown up with similar accounts from around here with all of the military activity as such. The subject has always interested me and about 10 years ago I stumbled on research that eventually named dr Greer. He claims to have had not only a sighting but a personal contact when he was a young man. He is friends with powerful people that is provable, and so I believe he believes what he is saying. I also personally witnessed a live skype conversation a couple years ago with Dr Edgar Mitchell before he passed away wherein he stated definitely there was alien life and that our government interacts with them. He was so changed by his experiences in space that he became involved in Noetic sciences via the University of Arizona where it is an actual department. What it all means conclusively? I don't know. Seeing is believing and I have not had direct contact. My cousin as a flight attendant definitely had visual confirmation of a foo fighter style craft when her flight crew called her in to witness the strange crafts, and her ex husband captain of a major airlines is all the way a believer from personal eye witness accounts, and beginning to publicly discuss them. I believe them because I know they are credible. Even Kurt Russell the actor mentioned his sighting while flying during the Phoenix lights episode I believe and it's on YouTube. So, debunking some of the movie is rational, however, I can't discount it all and so I'm grateful to hear everyone's take on it, so thank you all.

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