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  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    CO visit, so right from the horse's mouth ( or somewhere). Too many are staying on zoom, missing face to face encouragement. Look for the elders to implement changes.

    Also people at the door are so receptive and glad to see us. (???) Letter writing will be done from the hall if needed.

    This means elders will be judging ability, fitness, mental health. There was no mention of the 2nd grade level slogging meetings, poor infrastructure ( seats in particular), travel costs and time.

    At least the convention is in town if we can go. Some of us need the family facilities which are inevitably being monopolized by elders kids.

  • HiddlesWife

    A PIMO relative told me that a number of NYC congs will not be able to view the upcoming RCs via ZOOM. Congs in other states (such as VA, WVA, NC, SC, GA, FL, LA, TN, etc.) will be provided this platform (with special ID#s and passcodes) for those who cannot attend in person. However, my relative related that her elduhs and elduhs from other dubs who she is friends with in other NYC congs are encouraging members--regardless of their physical/ medical, financial, or secular statuses--to travel to the CAHs where the RCs are usually held. After "giving a piece of her mind" to her elduhs about this, one of them (who she gets along with) called her back a couple of days ago to tell her that he will try to see if there is another way she can view the RC.

    WT is more than likely doing this so that their followers and off-the-street visitors can DONATE when they cry out for contributions! This is the usual $$$$$GRAB technique, particularly since the cultporation has not received plenty of funds during the pandemic! #SHIESTYAF!

  • blondie

    I don't know how they do it now, but it used to be that you could not sign on to hear the meetings (using your phone) without the password (you had to be vetted by a jw the elders knew). and they changed it often. True, even if it was a jw at a nursing home, homebound, etc. And you told not to tell someone else the password. Perhaps the elders will quit giving people the access code to their Zoom meetings, without proving you need to use it.

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    They still have the passwords. One sunday, one midweek, different zooms for each meeting, specials for funerals, letterwriting, service groups; along with private accounts some use. I think zoom requires a freshening at times. The password is shared, with warnings to be discreet that a troublemaker doesnt get in.

    Out of maybe 25 zoomees, 3 or 4 will have camera on. Over half sign off the minute meeting is over with no visiting.

  • LV101

    HiddlesWife -- sure wish I knew what #SHIESTYAF! Think I might get the last 2 letters 🤪 but felt good recalling all the other initials (acronyms), I think.

  • Hellothere

    Back in the 90s it was hard find a seat at meetings sometimes and assemblys. Meeting attendance has been going down for decades. We all know it has nothing too do with pandemic. Watchtower would not have the courage too remove zoom. They bluffing. But it would be interesting if they would. I bet the yearly report wouldn't come out year after that 😎

  • LongHairGal

    I saw a post on Reddit in the past few days saying they are doing away with Zoom in a particular country which I can’t remember.

    If this is true, I really do think it’s a possibility that this may happen here in the States in some fashion. If so, I know a couple of JWs who would be very upset if it does. They’ve gotten to the point that Zoom is it for them for several reasons: health and problematic personalities in the hall. They want no more drama in their lives and are tired of the garbage. After what they described, I’m Glad I’m Out because I’d never tolerate it.

  • slimboyfat

    I think just over a third are still on Zoom here, roughly 22 on Zoom to 42 in the KH.

    I thought the GB wouldn’t dare take away Zoom, but who knows, maybe they are crazy and controlling enough to do it, regardless it it loses them 10 to 20% of members.

    On the other hand, there were always people ‘on the phone link’, even before the pandemic, so presumably there will still be some provision for people at home. Most people can make some sort of case why they can’t get in to the KH. So presumably there will always be Zoom, or something like it. Some elders might be strict or obnoxious about it, but in my experience anyone who said they needed the ‘phone link’ got it.

    I know a congregation nearby that as recently as a couple of months ago reverted to Zoom meetings for a couple of weeks because too many people caught covid all at once. This decision was apparently taken by the local elders. I don’t know if they were given permission or took the decision unilaterally. But as far as I know it’s a bit of an outlier.

    They may resort to Zoom in future in cases of heavy snowfall or similar adverse weather, I would suspect.

    In short, who knows what they’ll do with Zoom in future, it’s unpredictable.

  • TonusOH

    It strikes me as silly to try to control the access to the meetings via Zoom. It's not as if people can't find a way to get the footage anymore. All it does is inconvenience those who really can use the remote access due to age or infirmity. It should be easy enough to configure it so people can join and view/listen, but not speak or otherwise interrupt the meetings.

  • dropoffyourkeylee

    In these parts (midwest US) the recent SAD day was not on zoom. But a generic version of the program was available on KH conference, just the one with local speakers was not on zoom.

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