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    NiXXer? I take that is some sort of insult?
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    the girl next door
    I censored the post to avoid getting an NC 17 rating. ;)
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    There is some Guy Pearce quote about whether or not they had Gods blessing about the Warwick project.
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    Did anyone read my post like slow motion?????????😂😂😂😂
  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    Theodore 'Ted' Jaracz (now dead as a doornail) is known to have told a news reporter who was wanting to interview him at a convention a few years back regarding WT shenanigans... 'The GB do not go beyond the things that are written'! (1Cor 4:6)

    What a crock!

  • fulano
    Ted used to say nothing at the breakfast-table, bad manners, that's what I remember with a arrogant wife besides him with more jewels and gold on than the average gipsy.
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    Thanks!! Please feel free to continue!!!
  • Ultimate Axiom
    Ultimate Axiom

    Most of them are quite old, but just in case you haven't seen them all before...

    “I don’t want you to do anything with it for the next four years except pee” - Knorr. (Giving one of his “new boy” sex talks to some new arrivals, some of whom were women).

    “I can replace any of you, with a 25 cent stamp” – Knorr. (Referring to Bethelites in general).

    “It’s good to be here on Monday, it happens about once a week.” - Swingle. (At morning worship).

    “So thank you Brother Couch for that announcement, it was given with sincerity and all the love in your heart. Yes time and unforeseen occurrences befall us all and especially to those with cars.” - Swingle. (At morning worship).

    “If you have a tendency towards ‘apostasy’, get a hobby and keep yourself busy to keep your mind off of it. Stay away from deep Bible study to determine meanings of the scriptures.” - Klein. (At morning worship).

  • Ultimate Axiom
    Ultimate Axiom

    For some reason they didn't all appear - here's the rest...

    “If we let the brothers do this, there is no telling how far they will go.” – Henschel. (On the matter of using one’s conscience instead of rules laid down in the Watchtower).

    “There’s nothing here on this earth to compare with God’s organization. There’s never been anything, even in Bible times, to compare with what Jehovah has now or what he is doing.” - Barry. (At morning worship).

    “I’ve done a better job cleaning toilets than I did presiding at the Governing Body.” - Klein. (New boy introductory talk from the GB).

    “Say what you will about sign language, I still like human voices.” -. Sydlik. (At morning worship).

    “Frankly, you could have shot a cannon down the corridor and not hit anyone.” - Sydlik. (Discussing the Roanoke and Denver conventions that he attended, in which the hallways were reportedly clear of the usual singles dating scene).

    “These Circuit Overseers always end on time – I’m not used to that.” - Sydlik. (Following a Circuit Overseer’s that finished according to the schedule).

    “I especially liked your comment about the Society, that it’s an organization on the move. And today being the day the Governing Body meets, I hope they keep that point in mind.” - Sydlik. (At morning worship).

    “Now we’ll have Brother Hash-ee-moo-rah say the prayer. Oh, what’s wrong. Oh, I just got kicked by my wife under the table. Let’s have the text comments read first!” - Barber. (At morning worship).
    “So, I think of John 10:16 this morning, where it says, “I have other sheep which are not of this fold” when I see all these brothers walking in late.” - Sydlik. (At morning worship).

    “It’s good to know that not everyone who speaks French are fighting against Jehovah.” - Barber. (After a report from a member of the Guadeloupe Branch).

    “A lot of people enjoy the convention. They clap and have a wild time. Two weeks later they’ve forgotten all about it.” - Barber. (At morning worship).

    “When you receive a direct invitation from Jehovah through his organization, this is the place he wants you to serve [NY Bethel].” - Barr. (At morning worship).

    “Going to college or not may be a reflection of your faith, or lack of [it] … If you are currently going to college, why don’t you meditate in prayer on the possibility of dropping out and doing something better?” - Losch. (During a convention talk).

    “The Apostle Paul used an accounting term to emphasize this fact, ‘Love does not keep account of the injury’. Well here at Bethel we have a whole department that keeps account of our injuries. It’s called Risk Management.” - Losch. (At morning worship).

    “Just a few minutes ago I was telling Brother Barber how bad I feel. He told me that there’s always the resurrection. I would like to thank Brother Barber for his encouraging words.” - Herd. (At morning worship).

    “We did not allow the sisters to divorce and remarry with normal brothers. And it took many long years for the GB to make a change. If affected sisters would have prayed more we would have corrected our opinion much quicker.” – Herd. (On the subject of why it took so long for the GB to change its mind and allow women to divorce practicing homosexual husbands).

    “‘Jehovah, forgive me of my sins’ … [is] not good enough. She needs to be specific. … She needs to pour her heart out to Jehovah about it. And then Jehovah will help her. He’ll direct her to the elders in the congregation who can read the bible to her.” – Herd. (Giving an example in a talk about being specific in prayers to Jehovah).

    “Brother Russell bid Godspeed to the new venture. But did the Day Star magazine have Jehovah’s blessing? Well, have you seen a copy of it lately? I don’t think so.” - Splane. (At morning worship).

    “In some countries we find that young ones 10, 11, 12 are not even unbaptized publishers yet. And then we find that young ones 13, 14, 15 years old are not even baptized. And yet their parents have studied with them since infancy. Well it makes us wonder sometimes, is our teaching program really effective?” – Splane. (During a convention talk).

  • stuckinarut2

    The Classic said by "Anthony Morris the Third" recently:

    "Jehovah's witnesses are the most thinkingest people on the planet" (said in his slack drawl accent)

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