"we would never deliberately distort a quotation"

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  • konceptual99
    To be fair, maybe they realise WT publications had a problem with misquotations in the past and they intend to do better in future.
    Frankly they produce so little serious literature these days that it may be much less of an issue than it once was.

    True. They are moving the study edition to use the simplified version so goodness knows how much content will be in them that is even close to needing proper scholarly or journalistic research.

  • nonjwspouse

    The Trinity booklet. I went page for page and took ellipsis quotes then printed out the full context quotes. This was in my early days of realizing how dishonest and misleading these publications were, and tried to show it to my husband ( Didn't work, but I still have the booklet with the typed up references.) That booklet was FULL of them. It's no wonder it stopped being published a while back.

  • ttdtt
    To be fair, maybe they realise WT publications had a problem with misquotations in the past and they intend to do better in future.

    No, I don't agree at all Slimboy.
    They KEEP doing it regularly, and they HIDE the fact that they have done it in the past. Assclown Splain made is sound as if this was ALWAYS their practice when it has been the OPPOSITE.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    I agree with the OP but what we have to realise is the fact that JW TV is aimed only at faithful JWs, nobody else.

    So with the above in mind ...

    they make sure their quotes are not taking from people who have a bad reputation or have an agenda - the WT quotes from worldly people if there are no GB members or other higher-ups to quote from; when it does it quotes from no 'controversial' people.

    make sure its always in context - within the context of the WT world view, that is.

    This is what is meant in the broadcast, I think.

    As DoC says, JWs will lap it up.

  • sparrowdown

    "We would never (insert weasel word here) deliberately distort a quotation..."

    This statement alone is lying distortion.

  • Listener

    It doesn't take much work to find how easily they distort the truth.

    This is from the June 2002 Watchtower

    The image of a yogi sleeping on a bed of nails or walking on hot coals may appear to be a hoax to some and a joke to others. But these are common occurrences in India, as is the practice of standing on one leg while staring directly at the sun for hours and breath control that allows a person to be buried in sand for long periods of time. In June 1995, The Times of India reported that a three-and-a-half-year-old girl lay in a trance as a car weighing more than 1,600 pounds [750 kg] was allowed to run over her abdomen. To the amazement of the crowd, when she awoke she was totally unharmed. The report added: “It was sheer yogic power.”
    Without a doubt, no normal human is capable of performing any of these tasks. Hence, a Christian must ask: Of what are these feats an indication? Are they from Jehovah God, “the Most High over all the earth,” or are they from some other source? (Psalm 83:18)

    In order to make a claim of spiritism, they state that walking on coals or lying on a bed of nails was not able to be accomplished by a normal human man. This was said in 2002 when it was well known how these feats were accomplished. It is just a bit of theatre to pretend a person is in a trance.

    As for quoting an Indian newspaper, how reliable was that source?

  • zeb

    and they quote from the works of Westcott and Hort. These bible researchers, scholars whatever both were involved with the occult. so where does that leave any wt material quoting them?

  • UnshackleTheChains

    I think Watchtower writing department staff need to invest in one of these

  • waton

    "... never deliberately distort..."

    true, the world view of jw writers is so distorted, it comes naturally to them. No delibertation is required.

  • ttdtt

    The mirror would account for Theocratic Strategy :)

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