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  • Nevuela

    Landy - I don't appreciate your attitude. For one, I never said I believed in the Illuminati. I said the theory makes sense to me. Do you even have any idea what I am talking about? Google "Watchtower" and "Illuminati". The theories happen explain a lot about why the Watchtower operates the way it does. I just happen to find it interesting in light of the fact that my roommate is such a hardcore conspiracy theorist.

    Personally, I don't know what to believe. I already explained that I am agnostic, and that goes far beyond my take on religion. Just as you cannot prove that God doesn't exist, you cannot prove the Illuminati doesn't exist, either. In fact, the Illuminati HAS been proven to exist. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Illuminati To what extent they exist as an organization hellbent on taking over the world, nobody knows. They could just be a harmless old boys' club, or they could be something more sinister.

    I literally don't know what to believe, as I have heard sound arguments on both sides. To just blindly assume nobody is trying to control or decimate the human population is just as foolish and dangerous as it is being a hardcore conspiracy theorist. It is important to be open-minded and willing to research and discuss things, rather than assume one knows everything already. The fool speaks; the wise one listens.

  • Nevuela

    Listener - isn't there something in the Bible that mentions an attack on religion? Or something that JWs tend to interpret that way? They believe the UN is one of the heads of the Beast, right? So I think her reasoning comes from the book of Revelation.

    I have pointed out to her before that the date for Armageddon has been predicted numerous times, even going so far as to highlight specific dates, like 1975. Her answer is always along the lines of "this world is so much worse now, and Jehovah will have to stop *them before they can destroy it/ bring to ruin those ruining the earth/etc."

    *Them referring to anyone from polluters to the Illuminati. Just depends on the conversation.

  • Nevuela

    LisaRose - It's funny how you say "There is a certain type of person who likes to think they have some special knowledge that other people don't have," and then go on to say "There is no illuminati, there is no anointed." You have no more knowledge than anyone else on this earth in regards to the existence of either of those things, yet you have the audacity to claim neither exists. Do you not see the hypocrisy here?

  • Nevuela

    DesirousOfChange - that's what I thought. I can find nothing online anywhere about the JWs believing that the tribulation has already begun. And isn't it only supposed to last seven years? It's incredibly dangerous and short-sighted to make any kind of claim about it already having begun, because you will only have seven years max before the chorus of "I told you so!" begins when Armageddon fails to arrive.

    The only problem is, I have known my roommate for over a decade now, and absolutely NOTHING she has ever said or done (apart from claiming to be anointed) could even begin to hint at the idea that she is crazy. Even her conspiracy theories are presented as sound arguments. Of course, I can only find them plausible to a degree before I begin rolling my eyes. I know people can suffer from a single delusion but otherwise be completely mentally healthy, so... that's probably it.

    BTW how do you put other people's quotes in those yellow boxes when you reply to them? I can't figure out how to do that on this site.

  • Nevuela

    Wayward - I have another friend, in her mid fifties, who was born in and is still very loyal to the org, and I remember her telling me that when she and her husband first got married, she didn't think her children would grow up in this system. She was certain that Armageddon would come and go long before they reached adulthood. I know JWs have been known to discourage couples from having kids, but despite this, and despite how "close to the end" she thought the world was at the time, she went on to have four children, the oldest of whom is my age, and the youngest maybe 28 or 29. She also has three grandsons now. And yet, still loyal.

    My roommate has a niece close to my age, also a JW, and she and her husband decided not to have any children until after Armageddon. It's such a shame higher education is frowned upon. Higher education = higher income = being able to afford to adopt a child = fulfilling desire to become a parent while avoiding "Woe unto them that are with child and to them that give suck in those days" + BONUS! Saving a worldly child via indoctrination. You'd think that would be a perfect solution where everyone is considered a winner, right? :p

  • Nevuela

    millie210 Thank you for the warm welcome. :) My roommate really is the kindest and happiest person you could ever wish to meet. No love bombing at all. She is 100% legit. And truly, if anyone deserves to be anointed, it's her. I just don't know what to believe, personally. I want to believe there is an all-powerful being that can and will right all the wrongs of the universe, but only if He/She/It is as loving, compassionate and forgiving as my roommate and my mom. The possibility of anything else terrifies me.

  • fukitol

    JWs are forbidden from living with worldly people. How can you have a JW 'roommate' when you're not a JW? Are you related to her?

  • Giordano

    Hi Nevulea,

    My roommate really is the kindest and happiest person you could ever wish to meet. No love bombing at all. She is 100% legit. And truly, if anyone deserves to be anointed, it's her.

    I am writing this part before I pull your quote as I find it easier to 'escape' from the yellow quote box if I want to continue a point of view. Just a couple of words will do. Then I am going to copy and paste your statement. Then highlight that statement, click on the quote option.

    I can then click down to the words I started with so I can continue in my own words.

    Practice it a few times. Hit your refresh button and try it again until you have control of the Quote option above which is the upside down ,,

    Having done that I want to welcome you to the forum.

  • startingover

    Fukitol asks exactly what I was wondering. If this nice JW lady, and I'm not saying she isn't all you say she is, is living with a worldly person she would be judged by the JW's, it would be an unacceptable situation. If she now claims to be of the anointed, she would fit in with the warnings the JW's have received about those that do this.

    This is the reality of the organization as I know it.

  • Nevuela

    fukitol and startingover - I've often wondered the same thing myself but have always been afraid to question it. All I know is that my roommate has been a JW since childhood when her mother joined. In her family, only her mother, sister and one brother became JWs, while her father and her three other brothers did not. There's a lot that defies the rules, and while several people in her congregation know all about her family and even about me, nobody is questioning anything, apparently. I don't know whether any of the elders know, but it seems unlikely that you can keep such a secret from them. I honestly have no idea. Her last roommate was not a JW either.

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