Ex or Current Elder Question

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  • sir82


    Oh they'd definitely go after you.

    If for no other reason than jealousy / revenge.

    Why should you get to walk away scot-free and leave more work for the rest of them?

  • joe134cd
    I had no elder visit. This was after 40 years of been active. On reflection it perhaps would of been nice to have known they cared enough to knock on door, even though I really didn't want them to. To this day i dont know how to take their lack of interest, as an insult or a blessing.lol. I can kind of understand why more people are going out the back door than coming in the front.
  • ToesUp

    Like everyone said above....it depends on who it is. If you've been out awhile and they have forgotten about you or are just too lazy and don't care, you can probably get away with it. It's the Nazi Elders you have to watch out for. We have one out after us. These ones will try and engage any other Nazi elder that will join them. Watch your back if you don't want to be DFed. If you don't care....celebrate away!

  • freddo

    At elders schools/CO visits we were told that after 2 to 3 years of inactivity (that is - from the point they have gone inactive which is from SIX months AFTER their last service report was logged) we would not have to chase after "inactive ones" and could hold any evidence in abeyance until/unless they started associating again.

    But ... if they are seen as disturbing any jw's or contaminating the congregation then we should take action.

    So it only takes one zealot to make a fuss on what they saw on faceache or twatter and it's investigate with a view to a judicial time.

    Adultery will always be investigated if there is an "innocent mate" chomping at the bit for a scriptural ground for divorce.

    Xmas lights and pumpkins on the porch will usually get an investigation too if you are known as a recent x-jw in the area.

    If you don't want announcing them be discreet - especially on social media!

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