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  • LovingLifeNow

    So I have been inactive for about a year and a half. Been baptised for about 35 years.How long would it take before they give up on what I do with my life, for example, I celebrate all holidays now, and have even posted on social media pics of me and my family celebrating. Do they even care anymore? Can I even be DF at this point?

  • konceptual99

    You can get away with birthdays depending on the local elders. If they catch you doing Christmas or anything else religious then a number of things can happen.

    1 - nothing. They ignore you, maybe spread some things locally and wait for you to resurface at the meetings before offering "counsel".

    2 - they knock at the door, confront you and invite you to a JC. If this happens you 99% will be DFed and an announcement made.

    3 - they view it as following another religion and therefore disassociation by your actions (one of the few valid reasons for this). An announcement will be made. In principle this is the correct action per org instructions but is not always followed as option 1 or 2 may be more convenient for them

  • konceptual99


    The simple answer is that if they want to DF you then they will. You're baptised and celebrating a false religious holiday.

  • BluesBrother

    Are you in the same town or congregation area as when you were active?

    Have you put in any appearance at tha K/Hall in recent times?

    Do the local dubs know you well?

    If the answers to the above are'yes'.....then the elders will be interested and view you as a Witness under there jurisdiction. I think the all important question used to be ""Is he known to be a Witness? "

  • just fine
    just fine

    One of my relatives hadn't been to a meeting in two years and had a child out of wedlock. They were DFd.

  • sir82

    Totally depends on your local elders - some are more ardent than others.

    But if you've only been inactive a year and a half, I'd say odds are, most elders would initiate DF'ing.

  • problemaddict 2
    problemaddict 2

    It all hangs on wether it "becomes public knowledge". They technically have grounds to disfellowship you. Nothing says they have to, but if it comes up, in my experience, someone will want to police the situation until you are dealt with.

    I have been inactive for 3 years, and we are still careful about celebrating our kids birthday or posting photos for that very reason.

  • LovingLifeNow

    Thanks for all responses. I dont care what they do at this point, but kinda surprised no one has said a thing after myself and wife posted quite a few things.

    Blues Brothers: No have not been to any meetings, Memorials, assemblys, just walked away.

    Im in same town, but they split halls and now I am in other halls territory

    They know me well, I was a servant. They used to come around every few weeks to visit me, but they came about a month ago to invite us to assembly, I wasnt home, so my poor wife had to deal with them, but she said they were pretty nice and just left invitation.

  • _Morpheus

    As others have said, its really individual bodies of elders. The truth is its a second or third job for most of them and , for the most part, they really dont want to be bothered with extra work chasing you down. If you keep your head down and dont dare them to chase you..... they prob wont bother. Some bodies though can be power hungry and petty and vindictive and chase you down for jay walking. You really just need to evaluate the local guys.

  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    It seems like they haven't caught on to it. Since they come by for invites they probably think you're simply inactive. As long as nobody tilts it (you typically only have a small percentage of people that REALLY care) they may just leave you alone.

    Also depends on your elders, they may simply not care either, at one point they will come by and see a Christmas tree in your window and they'll just shrug, lament your plight and go get a coffee instead of ringing your bell. Sometimes a change of Circuit Overseers may also cause you to suddenly be ejected, I remember one CO just couldn't be bothered with complications, but the next one was Mr. By-the-book angling for a DO position and suddenly a string of people got the boot.

    Obviously if you have sister Elder on your Facebook you will be out fast.

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