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  • Old Navy
    Old Navy

    So, will your Mother receive the transfusion she needs to overcome this illness? Or, will it be denied her for "religious" reasons?

    Somehow, putting blood into the human body where it actually belongs just doesn't seem wrong. The body itself makes blood and infuses it into the circulatory system. Therefore, a transfusion is simply an external method of duplicating what the body does naturally, albeit at a much accelerated pace.

    In order to "eat" blood we'd have to take it in through our mouths. Which is precisely what Satanists do when drinking the blood of animal/human sacrifice victims. That is wrong.

  • jookbeard

    get the thoughts about being punished by jeehovah out of your head, superstitious nonsense

  • smiddy

    Confusedalot :

    Think of it this way .The Jews were Gods chosen peoplefor the first 4000 years and the Jews never believed in a personal devil to my knowledge.

    The idea of a personal Devil was purely a figment of the imagination of christendom , foreign to Jewish thinking.

    And their is no conclusive evidence that an Almighty God exists either ,if he did you would think he / she would sort out the 40000 odd Christian sects that all claim to speak for him.

  • Old Navy
    Old Navy

    The Jews were Gods chosen people...

    The House of Israel (Jacob) was chosen. The "Jews" (Judeans) or House of Judah made up the Southern Kingdom and were very, very stiff-necked or prideful and arrogant. "Jewish Thinking" originated in Babylon during the exile and later with the creation of their "Holy Books" which superseded the Torah.

  • sinboi
    Am I being punished by Jehovah, or is the devil out to get me

    Ha! Same thing happen to me just 3 days after I DA'd. My mom has high blood pressure. She fainted while alone at home.I was at school then. But it so happen that I needed to go back home to take something. I have to call the ambulance and luckily everything turns out fine.

    The same thoughts as you. Is he punishing me? I remember praying to him to punish me and not my usual I did not receive any reply from him....

    But a week later, when I think back on that matter, I realise that nope! He is not punishing me. In fact he make me go back home to help her....

    So is that a coincident? Is he punishing me? Is it him who guide me back home?

    My answer I choose then is the third...

    Now, I choose the 1st...

    And another thing! You remember I told u that he did not give me a reply after I pray 2 him? A christian ger interprete the whole incident in another way :

    God is so happy that I have left the wt. When my mom fainted he make me go back home to take care of her. When I pray to him, he replied a week later by letting me realise that it was he who guided me back home....I am thinking..Maybe next time I should go to a church to pray...maybe I can get a reply sooner...I will only get a reply a week later if I pray at home....

    Do you get what I am driving at? Whatever happen is just it. Whether it is good or bad is just how we choose to interpret it.

    I seem to be wiser now after I read books on the law of attraction...

  • sinboi

    I did not receive any reply when I pray at KH. I think they don't have a link to him...

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