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  • darkspilver

    Hi polish clarinet!

    I have been marked for marrying a non-believer (catholic), had a beautiful discourse.

    Yes, that would have been a marking talk

    The following week-end, some proclaimers refused to go with me in the field. So the elder told to the 15 proclaimers of the group : I think it would be better brother Polish Clarinet went from door to door alone!

    Oh dear, as the QfR above states it's the withdrawal from social interaction - still, if you'd been regular in field, I'd have thought they'd have pre-arranged somebody to work with you, at least on the first weekend.

  • blondie

    I preferred going alone rather than have some inane jw jump in with an unrelated point or gossip about others between the doors.

    I second it that it means not associating socially but to keep encouraging them in spiritual endeavors....it is not the same as df'ing which means a charge was involved that a person could be df'd for....not marrying or dating a non-jw.

    But then as it has been said on this board, get 3 elders together on a JC and you can be df'd for anything.

  • LongHairGal


    To my knowledge, they have always marked people. Sometimes they make a big deal and have a "talk", other times it is just left up to the discretion of each JW.

    So, you could be marked by somebody just because there is something about you they don't like or approve of. JWs are the most judgmental people in the world and sometimes that family or clique that won't talk to you has an issue about something - but they won't have the courage to tell you. I had this experience but just carried on like nothing was wrong. I'm sure this annoyed the party even more but that was THEIR problem.


    I would have loved to witness that scene with the sister yelling and insulting the elders. Many elders have a lot to answer for with how they treat people, especially women. They'd never get an apology from me.

  • stuckinarut2

    The reality is, this happens after elders deliberately spread malicious and slanderous mis-truths, or embellished stories about the "accused" amongst the flock.

    Then, the ever present and powerful "gossip-mill" goes into overdrive until every last person has heard that "bro or sis so-and-so are not to be associated with...."

    Been there...seen that...felt that.

    Why let facts or truths get in the way of or affect a good old gossip??

  • Chook

    When you hear how JW land talk about She bears and Godly murder. It's not hard to see that "marking" which is basically saying we can stain anyone, Do you honestly believe that the Brooklyn seven wouldn't burn witches in the name of God.

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