26 Years Later

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  • Victor

    I'm one of earliest adopters of the internet in discovering the real history of the Watchtower. Back then it was the wild wild west with newsgroups being the primary sources of information. Then came Watchtower Observer, Freeminds, and all the other sites that followed JWD was one of the later sites.

    I wrote this post circa 1996 that is still relevant for recent exiting JW's


    I visit this site about once a year just to skim the current events going on in and out of the Watchtower. I still have friends inside who keep me abreast of the people I used to know and many are no longer JW's.

    I'm interested in hearing from the old timers who are still here.

  • Gorbatchov

    I remember H2O was my first JW information source site, and the MT technology website.

    Early 1997 😬 omg.


  • DesirousOfChange

    Why oh why oh why didn’t we stumble across those early sites to discover TTATT when we were much younger?

  • stillin

    Victor, many thanks for your trailblazing!

  • Victor

    H20 was a contemporary of Jesus Wit and the JWD crowd migrated from there when they made a shift.

    Back then the only published books were Confessions of a Watchtower Slave, Ray Franz' books, and Visions of Glory. Now we have a tsunami of books, videos, and blogs. Very different times to when I was recruited in 75 and you trusted what you were told.

  • Victor

    Stillin we were the bad ass crowd of rebel rousers lol. The flame wars were not moderated and nothing was sacred. It was a great experience in understanding human nature when you go through the detowering process. To date that I know, I detowered 11 people without trying. I thought about writing a book on the topic but I decided to focus more on legacy building works as a writer.

  • eyeuse2badub

    68 years later for me! Yep mom started going to jw meetings when I was just 4. Now I'm 72. Not sure I ever truly believed the wt bullshit but I went along with everything because it's what I knew. Life didn't seem that bad and I pretty much did what I wanted to do anyway. Of course when we look back at what we missed out on in this life, well you know!

    Better late than never!

    just saying!

    Victor said:
    I'm one of earliest adopters of the internet in discovering the real history of the Watchtower.

    What did you find about the real history of the Watchtower, why did you look, what did you do with that information, and what process did you use to get out of the organization?

  • Victor

    Eyeuse2baddub in my experience I had to make peace with the fact that it was my path and good bad or ugly it was not going to define me or leave me broken. But I can relate to your words

  • Victor

    Rules and Regulations I had read blog posts of the crazy C.T. Russel but in the book Visions of Glory (a watchtower writer under Knorr). She blows the lid on the dark and crazy making of mind control. It's a must if you want to understand how it got to be so destructive in people's lives.

    I looked because I had a disagreement with the local elders that led all the way to the governing body. The crazy powering over was a clue that I followed all the way to the top. After reading Ray's books I knew I was done. I wrote a post about it here. http://www.jwfiles.com/wt_professional_look_at_jws/threat_social.htm

    After knowing the facts and real truth, I had to keep it to myself. I was married to a JW woman that she would never detower and I wanted to be a safety net for her. Some who were suffering and in deep pain I began to share what I knew. One woman read Ray's first book in one week and she boxed up all her JW books and left then on the doorsteps of and elder with a note to never contact her again.

    As far as what I used to get out was getting a post-masters certification in psychology

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