JW Real Estate Owned

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  • badcompany

    I just spoke to my Dad who's been an elder since ~'72 and still is. He told me about a meeting he just had about KH annual maintenance. Whoever led the meeting (not sure who) announced the world leaders in RE locations owned:

    > 4. Starbucks

    > 3. McDonalds

    > 2. Subway

    > 1. JW's

    Having a hard time believing that considering JW penchant for cooking the books. He was very excited about the amazing growth of the org. A stark contrast from what I hear on this and other sites as well as my own observations. I live in a very urban area. I can walk to a dozen Starbucks, Subway or McD's from my house but I couldn't tell you where a KH is.

  • berrygerry

    In urban legend, no one is better than JW's.

  • Simon

    Maybe world-wide ... how many Starbucks in Africa? Or the important part maybe "owned" - many retail establishments are rented ... so possibly intentionally misleading - they don't have as many locations, but could "own" more.

    But then if you are counting things worldwide I'd expect there to be more Catholic churches or Muslim mosques.

    Why would a religion of < 8m members have more places than those with billions?!

    They are likely very selective in what they count to show themselves #1 in something. They are always desperate to be leaders in something.

  • millie210

    tacky joke here but doesnt it stand out that these are all places that serve junk food?

    ESPECIALLY the JWs~!

    And yes, I love some MickyDs as much as the next guy!

  • Barrold Bonds
    Barrold Bonds
    most of those locations are going to be fairly small buildings. If you factored in the square footage and acreage of ALL the branches, assembly halls, KH's, etc, that MAY be true.
  • JeffT

    Not even close.


    Granted this is measure in square feet, but the number of locations is a stupid way to measure real estate. Note that none of the companies mentioned even show up on the list.

  • eyeuse2badub

    JW's are certainly #1 in failed predictions!

    just saying!


  • startingover
    It's interesting how things have changed. Growing up the Catholics were condemned as false religion because of all the property they owned.
  • Simon
    That property group of mine is doing pretty well !!
  • Vidiot

    @ startingover...

    Jehovah's Witnesses...

    ...pointing the finger whilst taking notes since 1931. :smirk:

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