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  • moreconfusedthanever

    Hi! Thanks for the update. I am glad you have worked out a way to bear it.

    Be sure to work hard at school and plan for your future and be happy.

  • Akid48
    First off hey everybody sorry for such a late response I should’ve stated that in the post but I posted that fast and could have added more.Yes I understand all I need to do is not screw up and I should’ve built more on that pint and talked about school life more.Im way better at school than I used to be I mean it’s just a breeze to me and yes I’m focused on school and I understand some of the pitfalls of people making dumb decisions and Ive already seen teens life’s already ruined so I know the down falls and I’m ready to ignore them and not ruin the life I’ve been wanting and been working for.Sorey I should have said that in the post but I wanted to talk on the fact that I’m not letting myself be dragged down by this and I’m more talking to people and making school and “worldly things” more serious now like education and having a healthy social life but I want to thank you guys for concerns about making dumb choices means a lot.
  • nonjwspouse

    Don't forget to read, read, read books on many topics. Read the classics. If you have a kindle it is easier for you to do this while at home without being noticed what you are reading.

    Broad based, and frequent reading is essential in building vocabulary, grammar, writing skills, critical thinking, etc etc.

  • Xanthippe

    'The way I've dealt with this hole shit hole is that I just dont let it get to me.I told myself Im not going to let this hole thing ruin my childhood and my chance to make memories and to do things that normal kids can do,'

    I'm glad you're focussing on your education. This whole thing needs some attention to dig yourself out of the hole you're in, if you get my drift? Okay your spelling and grammar need work. I'm glad you're doing well.

  • rawe

    Hi Akid48. I'm glad to hear you're doing well in school. I don't know what the current state of the faith on this score. But when I was growing up in the 1980s going to college and university was very much discouraged. This was a bummer because I really loved computer programming. I kept with it nonetheless and was able to break into the field. After I left the faith I decided, what the heck, why complain about it -- I can go to college now. So in 2014 I started taking college courses. I'm now about 1/2 way through my Associates of Science.

    I love the question (often staged as said by a frustrated student): When am I going to use algebra in my life? The answer of course is every day! Of course not directly, but the process of breaking down a problem and reaching the correct answer is a skill one uses over and over.

    As you'll no doubt discover "worldly things/people" is tired JW trope. People are people. Some (even most) are pretty darn good. Want to help others where they can. Honest and decent. And yes, unfortunately, there are a few who are not that way.

    As a teen I was in near constant conflict with my father. There were some serious issues, such as him being an alcoholic. He also tended towards horrible decisions. Even though we argued lots, I did sense from him that he thought I was pretty clever. I think that really helped me.

    Now that I'm a parent of four daughters (Bailey, Olivia, Madison and Montana) I can report just how proud a parent can be of children who are just good, decent, loving human beings. Bailey (she's 31) and I had some of the most conflict as father/daughter. Maybe being a first born was a factor. She is now a mother and registered nurse (L&D - labor and delivery).

    It is so frustrating that the leadership of JWs (whom I believe are really insecure men) interject themselves into these relationships. The one big no-no is leaving the faith. Actually the majority of youth do leave (see Pew Report for the actual data).

    Cheers, -Randy

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