Coronavirus: Punishment from Jehovah and a sign from Jesus!

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  • lastmanstanding

    The Watchtower has taught for over a century that plague is part of Jesus’ sign letting Earth know he’s lurkin’...

    Combined with the recent acceleration by the Chinese gubmint of ejecting JWs from China, it’s no surprise that dubs are of the belief that ‘Jehovah is punishing China’.

    Dubs must be expecting a few large Earthquakes to strike China in the next weeks with possibly a war or two, to round out the pain of Jesus’ sign to these wicked Jehovah haters.

  • Finkelstein

    Only problem with this assertion is that mankind has been enduring deadly viruses hundreds even thousands of years before 1914.

    This is just another problem when people accept the bible's mythological writings as factual instead of being fictional.

    Religions propagate ignorance, the JWS religion is just but one.

  • JoenB75

    Well new viruses may be Mother nature's way to punish China for her overpopulation, abuse and dirtyness. As modern humanists we hate the idea, but she will probably solve the earth's overpopulation her own way if God does not intervene. I fear that is more likely than mankind evacuating to outer space or the third world learning to make use of the condoms we should give them

  • WTWizard

    First, I will agree that China is a filthy country, and communism is why. This filth is why so many are susceptible to diseases. And by "filth", I mean really bad air and water pollution, and lousy living accommodations. This will naturally make what would have been an isolated incident into a pandemic.

    And the washtowel can go on all day about this being a sign of the end. What about the plague, which exceeded even the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic? That was a result of xianity itself. They banned cats as "from the Devil". This prevented cats from keeping rat populations in check, making a paradise for fleas (which made the rats' lives miserable as well). The fleas carried the disease. No one thought that keeping the fleas under control, or bringing in cats to keep a lid on the rat population, would keep this plague from destroying 3/4 of Europe.

    As with that, all three of the "allowed" religions are holding back science. Without judaism and its offspring filth xianity and islam, we would have cures for these diseases. As soon as one person gets a new virus, someone would find its cure and administer it. Within a day or so, that patient is cured and that virus is extinct. Problem solved. And that goes for non-infectious diseases that are poorly treated with drugs--I don't know what is worse, cancer or the drugs they use to treat it (never cure it, treat it). Better to get these three parasite religions out of the way so science can work on curing such diseases instead of relying on lifelong courses of dangerous drugs that barely work.

  • Finkelstein

    The propagation the WTS/JWS made as mankind is living in the last days therefore humanity is experiencing the signs of the last days spoken about in the bible is wrought with ignorance and corruption as the WTS has been supporting its 1914 doctrine for a very long time.

    Once its realized that this organization has a publishing house operating at its core, it offers a reason to why this happened.

    The endeavoring increase in literature sales and distribution is the cause, many times commercialization and corruption go hand in hand.

  • Steel

    The reality with this disease is it will actually save hundreds of thousands of lives if not millions because it raises awareness of basic hygiene and cooking practices when dealing with the flu and common cold.

    That will never make any watchtower.

  • Steel

    I had a debate with a JW about how awful the world was being and I told him every single measureable of the human condition had improved since the end of ww2 and especially since the year 2000.

    Life expectancy

    infant morality

    calorie intake food production

    people living under democracy

    people killed in armed conflict

    ability to read and write


    He didn’t believe me.

    I would love to show him the studies.

  • Finkelstein

    That's correct Steel, JWS are blinded by ignorance which is a causative result of a lack of education, which the WTS heads have purposely thwarted and demeaned.

    Humanity just needs the bible and the WTS's interpretation of it to survive.

  • sir82

    He didn’t believe me.

    I would love to show him the studies.

    Wouldn't make a difference.

    "Studies? From the world controlled by Satan? You don't think he can influence scientists to lie? Or even manipulate the results of their experiments so that it works out to make Jehovah look like a liar?"

    Seriously - it would be more productive and less painful to have someone drop cinder blocks on your head.

  • RubaDub

    He didn’t believe me. I would love to show him the studies.

    Steel, you don't get it.

    As sir82 mentioned, and I quote, "it would be more productive and less painful to have someone drop cinder blocks on your head"

    Yes, or a root canal without anestesia.

    Trust us.

    Rub a Dub

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