The ineffectiveness of the Watchtower Society preaching work

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    Yet, on those occasions I have seen JWs in public, they are idly sitting looking bored at their phones with no passersby in sight.

    Two female Jehovah's Witnesses holding coffee cups, sitting on a bench, promoting their message. Castle Terrace, Bridgnorth, Shropshire, UK.

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    From JW Facts.

    The preaching work conducted by Jehovah's Witnesses is becoming less and less effective. A simple evaluation of the yearly report shows that it takes 5000 hours of witnessing per baptism (1 billion witnessing hours in 2004 resulted in only 200,000 baptisms). If you take the figure of 200,000 and halve it for those born in the truth and then halve it again to account for those reached in informal witnessing an even more realistic figure would be 20,000 hours of door-to-door work for one convert. That is the equivalent of 166 people doing 10 hours each a month for a year.

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    Ding - "...I wonder if they are even interested in getting converts..."

    You're only just figuring this out now?

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