Active JW's: If asked, can you explain/defend this belief?

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  • Finkelstein

    It would be fair and correct to say scripturally JWS including the top GB members are faithful discrete slaves to the Watchtower Publishing house not Jesus or Jehovah.

  • Biahi

    Smiddy, I used your points with my mom, she said Jesus picked them in 1919 because they were “on the right track.” Sigh.

  • Lost in the fog
    Lost in the fog


    The idea that by being baptised into their religion means agreeing with all that they teach runs into a problem.

    The teaching keeps changing! The teachings a person accepted without challenge at the time of their baptism, might have been thrown out and are now no longer acceptable. But the jw cannot now openly disagree with the party line or will be made to face the consequences.

    Secondly, at baptism we all agreed that we would be an ordained minister in harmony with "God's spirit-directed organisation". When we discover much later that God's spirit is not leading the F&DS we either cancel our membership and stop ministering, or (pimo) hide out all the while keeping our heads down and not actively stirring the pot.

    It's a very sad state for any one to be living in. Fear of men (GB and Elders), who you unknowingly handed over your power to when you said "yes" to those baptism questions so long ago.

  • Finkelstein

    Rutherford who said he was the FDSL and all other members of the IBSA in 1919 .

    A guy that was not living with his wife but his mistress who built a lavish house for the resurrected ancient worthies and drove around in cars that only royalty and the super rich could afford.

    What ever happened to Jesus's instruction for watching out for false Prophets, ones that said things that he didn't instruct them to say ?

    Rutherford was a card playing crooked opportunist who exploited people's ignorance particularly from bible Scripture.

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