When 2 JWs have the same call...

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  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    This post reminds me of the time me and another brother were going from door to door and a householder answered the front door with the most perplexed look on her face. She stepped aside and through the open door I could see that there was another set of JW's at the back door. The woman said " Do you people even know each other??" then started to laugh at us. It was kind of embarrassing but hey... I've had more embarrassing moments while out in field service.

  • smiddy

    When I was doing vacation pioneering and needed to make the required hours/calls i remembered my friends RV so I called on him to gain some more time .

    My friend wasnt happy about it at all and let me know it.

  • freddo

    I remember the "she's my study" "no she's mine" battles. One got particularly ugly. An elderly sister - very genuine and kind but who would stand her ground - locked horns with a particularly unpleasant and sharp tongued elder's wife.

    The elder (weak and lily-livered especially when it came to his wife) had the "book study" at his home and banned the elderly sister from going to the group there.

    After several weeks of this the rest of the body - instead of removing the toady elder - moved the elderly sister to a different group.

    The bad news is that the "study" that was fought over got baptised.

    The good news is she has been inactive for over twenty years! And not too long afterwards the toady elder was removed by a circuit overseer when he heard about it.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Those two went at it. It blew up in that little minivan out in service - that's hilarious!

    The two brothers should have sorted out this issue in the only honourable way: by arm-wrestling, best of three.

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    I remember how after decades of knocking on doors and auxiliary pioneering, my Mom finally found someone to study with that was actually making "progress". She was over the moon when this 20 something young woman started coming to meetings. It was as if she had a new purpose in life.

    After a few meetings, another sister in the Hall befriended the young woman and talked her into studying with her instead. I remember my Mom going into a deep depression over this. She was hurt that the other sister would do this and that the young woman would agree to it. She began to feel that Jehovah wasn't blessing her efforts for some reason and quite literally took to her bed for several months.

    It was awful...my fun beautiful fashion model-like mother got extremely thin and couldn't even bathe herself or do her hair. My Dad had to go to work and didn't know what to do for her so it was up to us kids to look after her and the house. Back then, JW'd didn't go to doctors about this sort of thing. They believed that reading and applying scriptures and prayer was all that was needed. Some of the other Sisters used to come by and admonish her with scriptures and eventually they convinced her that Satan was testing her faith and that she was failing. They convinced her that the important thing was that someone was studying and it didn't matter who was studying with her.

    Little by little she came around but she wouldn't go back to the same Kingdom Hall. We eventually started going to another Congregation so she could make a "fresh start". She was never the same about "the truth" after that.

  • tiki

    Hah...reminds me of a snaky sister who used to steal my calls....shed tell me that she was better at witnessing to them because she was a pioneer..

    She was actually very stupid and arrogant. If you used a decent vocabulary in her presence shed tell you that she was simple and that was what was chosen...the foolish ones..unletttered. An excuse to remain ignorant.

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    I forgot to mention in my post above....

    At one point, the Sisters in the Hall convinced my Mom that some of the stuff she'd picked up at garage sales might be demonized and that could be why she was having such a hard time. I was in high school at the time and I vividly remember the sisters burning clothes and other things in the fireplace.

    I remember suspecting that my Mom's recovery had to do with them giving her an "out"....blame it on the demons rather than your own weakness or immaturity. As kids, we didn't care so long as she back on her feet again.

  • schnell
    I remember suspecting that my Mom's recovery had to do with them giving her an "out"....blame it on the demons rather than your own weakness or immaturity. As kids, we didn't care so long as she back on her feet again.

    To be fair, that is one psychological benefit to the belief in exorcisable demons, it has been so observed.

    If you can think of a psychological hangup in this primal, mythical way and see it as an imp or a thing that can be removed from yourself, you might well feel better once it's gone. That's partly why Mandaeans love baptisms so much.


    It is not the first time I've seen a conflict over a call, but I'd never seen tempers flare over it. The fact of the matter is, these were two creatures fighting over a precious resource, brotherly love or not.

    I`ve known more than a few bad tempered JW`s..

    They`ll turn on each other in a HeartBeat..


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  • Arthur Others
    Arthur Others

    I've heard stories of sisters in minivans while doing RV's, pull up on other groups of JW's in their territories and get into arguments about it. Also heard of arguments that come up on train witnessing regarding territory.

    Not long after I got baptized, I had a study with a long time friend of mine. He was genuinely interested in the Bible and I didn't bring up that I was a JW, he came out and asked me questions, and if I would share literature with him, etc. So I said of course and would study with him. I remember being excited about it and telling this sister about it, and the first thing she said was not, "That's great!, hope he learns as much possible" or "That's really good you should bring him around". It was "make sure you tell him to go to the hall near his house, so the brothers there get to study with him". I was completely shocked that was her response. I thought, no way is this guy going to some place by his house to meet some random people to study the bible. The only reason he feels comfortable with me is because he's known me for over a decade and he's looking for info. Geez! Way to ruin an exciting thing for me early on, because of territory.

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