SPOOF: CO test drives down-sized UK circuit car

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  • Fay Dehr
  • Fay Dehr
    Fay Dehr

    Watchtower finances have forced layoffs, cut-backs and down-sizing across all departments. In an effort to reduce costs of Circuit Overseers, one CO is called into Bethel to test-drive the “Mini-Me” – Watchtowers latest answer to vehicle costs. The new, smaller sized vehicle is specifically adapted to the new reduced-size Bethel being constructed in Chelmsford. In a leaked letter “To All Circuit Overseers” they are told that there will be a choice of 2 models: engine powered, and feet powered (via a hole in the floor). Any COs with wives are advised to strap them to the roof, or make them walk behind.

  • Finkelstein

    Any COs with wives are advised to strap them to the roof, or make them walk behind.

    Yes this would be appropriate given their subjective position to their male husbands.

  • careful

    For non-COs (exempt by position) I would think a publisher would be told this would be a poor choice for field service since it only seats one person. I remember brothers being so counseled because they had a 2-seater pick up truck or sports car: "How can you be thinking theocratically, brother, having a vehicle like that?" It was like having low field service hours. "Brother, you won't qualify for privileges."

  • sparrowdown

    Lol if there's no room in the COmobile maybe the next lay offs will be CO's wives.

  • Diogenesister

    Ha ha Bush House, Shephards Bush - my Dad used to work there.

    He nearly went over on his side, took a corner a little Sharp? It must have the same legal status as those 12 miles an hour disabled electric wheelchair things, they can go on the road and the pavement.

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