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  • pale.emperor

    Gutjahr ought to get his facts right, Jehovah's Witnesses did not exist in the 1920s and therefore could not have "invented" Bible paper. There is a faint possibility that it was a Bible Student who was also a paper technician who developed Bible paper according to the demands of external publishers. Did the Watchtower Society even print Bibles back in that decade? I don't think they did.

    Well spotted Half banana. Bible Students and even JWs didn't have an agreed upon bible until the New World Bastardization was published.

  • careful

    OK, everybody, as so often happens, the thread appears to be going a bit off topic. Of course, I realize that doing that can be fun.

    Just to clarify, the WTS began printing the Emphatic Diaglott on its own presses in 1926, so I think our Indiana English professor Gutjahr is referring to that.

    If anybody has any info on this going to the cigarette manufacturer and inventing bible paper, I still like to know.

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    You know when I think about those bible pages did have a certain smell/scent.

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    Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho

    @pale.emperor Holy smokes.

    Pale Emperor be like:

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