Were you aware of the shunning policy when becoming a JW

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  • UnshackleTheChains

    It's interesting that many of us for the most part were unaware of the policy of shunning or at least the significance of what would happen if you chose to leave officially. I don't recall it being discussed in the live forever book. I also don't recall being asked about the shunning policy during my '30'' or so questions for baptism.

  • UnshackleTheChains

    Just browsed through this link regarding the never ending questions asked prior to qualifying for baptism and can't see any reference to disfellowshipping, disassociation or shunning.


  • StarTrekAngel

    I was too, very early in the process as the elder that "trained me" was very open and direct once he thought you were making good progress. However, the words he used were very subtle. The understanding that I left with is that the person being shunned had committed a very bad sin, like killing or cheating repeatedly and unrepentantly. Even then, my understanding was that certain family ties were irrevocable. My wife referred the story of my brother in law who got married without parent and elders blessings. He got DFd and he left the house voluntarily. Wife insisted that he could have stayed and that no one would have quit talking to him. Which was true for her family but it made it seem like shunning was not that strict.

    This, off course, was before many of the latter crazy push for shunning kids, or even those who talk against the organization.


    No "born-in" Dub is "aware" of anything. Why? No born-in, or convert for that matter, is INFORMED. There are ZERO informed and aware Dubs. Everything they "believe" [ JWs have no beliefs, they "believe" whatever they are told by the WTBTS. ] is nothing more than a nebulous attachment to the latest GB speculation.

    I knew about DF'ing, but was I AWARE?? No... The first time I realized what DF'ing really was, I had my first out-of-body/floating feeling. My brother was recently DF'd, and the weight of the implications hit me. I had to leave the meeting when a DF'ing announcement was made about a local, non-JW relative.

    Twenty years later, I have no relationship with my brother. Why? Because the WTBTS deceives their poor, unfortunate members with propaganda. He has children that will never know me, and I will never know them. It's too late.

    The WTBTS has stolen the lives of every clueless, bamboozled member that ever walked through the doors of shitty Kingdom Halls since its inception.


  • UnshackleTheChains

    The shunning policy is by far the main reason I am fading. The thought of preaching to others to recruit into this organisation, only for them to potentially one day face shunning in the future and which ultimately could tear their family and lives apart repulses me.

  • Vidiot
    Xanthippe - "...So he went over it all again and asked if I understood now but I still saw it as punishment. They still let me get baptised..."


    A refreshing moment of honesty on their part.

  • schnell

    I agree with DATA-DOG. I was born in, and this was the truth. Why would I ever leave? Why wouldn't I get baptized young? King Josiah was king of a country at 8 years old! What could possibly go wrong? It's the truth right? Even if I sinned, I could still come back because this was the truth!

    And then you realize you're stuck. The only benefit to getting baptized is getting disfellowshipped.

  • Diogenesister

    I was clearly told it was only spiritual association that was prohibited with one disfellowshiped. Dissociation did not exist, as far as I knew.

    But the main thing is families could still associate, for sure, despite being DF. This in the UK in the 70s, as a kid. And of course kids were not baptised until at least 16 too, which made a difference to my feelings.

  • UnshackleTheChains

    Great point Schnell

    'And then you realize you're stuck.....'

    Yes....when you realise you are STUCK!!. That's is the dilemma for hundreds of thousands of JWs active, inactive or faded.

    'Stuck' in a high control religion that uses emotional blackmail to keep you in. Disgusting!

  • Steel

    Wasn't until 1981 you could simply resign as being one of jehovah witness.

    Most churches have some kind of process of dealing with active church members who break the rules but it is hardly ever enforced because if you want to spend your Saturday night doing blow and banging hookersv you won't be attending Sunday morning anyway.

    The watchtower blackmails people into attending then gets all high and mighty when there is a moral failing. It's such bullshit.

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